Horse Care 101: How to Take Care of a Horse for Beginners
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Horse Care 101: How to Take Care of a Horse for Beginners

This book tells about how you build a relationship with your new horse, how to care for him, feed him, ride him, and what to do if in the event you need to sell your horse.
Main features include:

• Adjusting your new horse to his new home

• Transitioning from an outdoor horse to a barn horse

• Adjusting your horse to new horses

• Feeding your horse and how to adjust him to new food

• Spotting and treating illnesses.

• Knowing and correcting bad habits, whether in the barn or while riding.

• Proper equipment and treatment while riding

• Proper procedure if you need to sell the horse

If you are new to owning a horse and need to learn the basics, from buying, to riding, to feeding, to selling, then this book is for you. The book explains each point in short, easy to read paragraphs so you will not miss anything important.

This book also explains how horses have feelings, and what the equivalent would be for you if you were in the horse’s position. Horses are living, intelligent creatures and not push-button machines. Horse’s feelings can be compared to a human’s feelings. Just like humans, horses are animals that are individuals that have minds of their own.

About the ExpertKarin Bauer is a widow with no children. She is a freelance writer and blogger. She is also an entrepreneur. She runs three online business and enjoys sales and marketing. Formerly a New Jersey state government employee, Karin left her job to become self-employed. Her job was very dead-end and was too demanding for the low pay and lack of time off. She wanted to have more time for traveling and writing about her travel adventures.Karin has been riding horses for over 30 years. She used to compete in show jumping events, but now rides for pleasure. She rides the horses at her local equestrian center and helps care for them.Karin has traveled to many countries and includes horseback riding in her travel plans. She embarks on adventurous horseback riding vacations while traveling.

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Horse Care 101 (Ebook + Audio + Video Course)

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