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INFJ 202 Step by Step Online Video Course

"How to Understand and Live Your Life to the Fullest as an INFJ Personality!"

Dear INFJ,

Do you want to learn step by step on how to understand your own INFJ personality and live your life to the fullest in all aspects of your life?

If you said YES, then HowExpert wants to introduce you to Lindsay Rossum who is the author of "INFJ 101".

Lindsay has created a STEP BY STEP VIDEO COURSE about this topic for INFJ personalities to better understand and maximize their life to the fullest.

In fact, we at HowExpert believe this is the WORLD'S FIRST VIDEO COURSE on the topic of helping INFJ's.

It's called "INFJ 202".

INFJ 202 Explores:

  • The basics about Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • Characteristics of the INFJ Personality Type
  • Core tenants of an INFJ
    • Introversion
    • INtuition
    • Feeling
    • Judging
  • How to overcome INFJ Challenges
    • Finding an “energy balance”
    • Maintaining healthy boundaries with others
    • Dealing with complex emotions
    • Fighting against perfectionism
  • The Infinite Value of INFJ’s in our world!

About the Expert

Lindsay Rossum is the author of "INFJ 101: How to Understand Your INFJ Personality and Thrive as the Rarest MBTI Personality Type."

Lindsay is a textbook INFJ. Lindsay is passionate about empowering INFJs and introverts to know their value in a world that does not affirm their unique gifts. “INFJ101” is her first guide! She also serves as a Recovery Support Specialist where she uses her own recovery from disordered eating, anxiety, OCD, and depression to walk alongside individuals with mental disorders and substance use disorders. Lindsay enjoys pop punk music, baking, spending time with her rabbit Lily, and scrapbooking.

INFJ 202 Lessons:

  • Lesson 1: The Rarest Personality Type
    • Basic traits of the INFJ
    • The INFJ Paradox
  • Lesson 2: Understanding Temperament
    • Dispelling myths about introversion
    • Differences between extroverts & introverts
    • How INFJs can thrive in an extroverted society
    • Preserving INFJs precious energy
  • Lesson 3: The Power of Intuition
    • Intuition as a sixth sense
    • INFJs desire for authentic relationships
    • INFJs as creators
  • Lesson 4: Feeling Too Much
    • “Emotional sponge”
    • INFJs as HSP
    • Managing hypersensitivity
  • Lesson 5: The Need for Structure
    • Preference for order
    • “Dreamers that do”
    • Being okay with the gray area
  • Lesson 6: Navigating Consistent Challenges
    • Maintain healthy boundaries
    • Combating perfectionism
    • Carrying deep feelings
    • Feeling misunderstood
  • Lesson 7: Time to Thrive
    • Pursue purpose
    • Find your people
    • Shake the world!

INFJ 202 Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why do I feel so different as an INFJ?
  • How can I prevent myself from becoming drained as an introvert?
  • How do I deal with feeling everything so deeply?
  • Is there any way to overcome my perfectionistic tendencies?
  • What is the best way to maintain healthy, authentic relationships with others?

How Much Does It Cost?

INFJ 202 is an online video training that you can instantly access right after purchase. There is no shipping because this course is a digital online video course.

If you were to get a training from an expert, you would have to pay hundreds of dollars in terms of the value you are getting.

The great news is that we are not going to charge you that much. We wanted to make this as affordable for every INFJ who is serious about learning about themselves and improving their lives in an all aspects of their lives.

Thus, we are pricing INFJ 202 Video Training for just a onetime investment of $47.

Plus that's not all.

You have our 60 day 100% money back guarantee!

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We're confident that you will get so much value from this course. If you are not satisfied with this course for whatever reason, then contact our support within 60 days and we will provide you a 100% refund no questions asked and we can part as friends. So invest in yourself to understand your INFJ personality to ultimately live your life to the fullest in all aspects of your life! Click Here to Get INFJ 202!

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