HowExpert Jobs & Projects

  1. HowExpert Writers/Writing Job - Write About Your #1 Best Passion & Become a Published HowExpert Author! (US Freelancers)
  2. HowExpert Top 10 Tips/Fun Facts Writer About Your #1 Favorite Topic/Passion/Hobby/Knowledge/ Celebrities/Animals/Food/City/Country/Job/Etc!
  3. HowExpert EDITORS Wanted - Use Grammarly Premium (we can provide access) to make content get close to 99 Grammarly score while keeping the original writer's words and message to their original words as best as possible while fixing all the gramamar, spelling, and etc using Grammarly Premium Software. (We will provide access to premium software if needed for this work.)
  4. HowExpert Online Courses - Teach Your #1 Best Passion/Knowledge in an Online Course Format! - No Experience Necessary Creating Courses!
  5. HowExpert Art Guides/Drawing Guides/Art Related Guides - Artists/Writers Wanted!
  6. Voice Over/Audio Narrator Wanted to Read with Passion & Personality for All Topics!
  7. HowExpert YOUTUBE Content Creator - Teach TOP 10 Tips About Your #1 Passion & Get Featured on our YouTube Channel!
  8. HowExpert Videographer
  9. Paid Advertising (Facebook/Google/YouTube/and Other Paid Advertising) Virtual Assistants
  10. HowExpert Clothing - Design CLOTHING for ALL TYPES (tshirt/tank top/hoodie/leggings/socks) for ALL 300+ HE TOPICS from A to Z
  11. HowExpert Virtual Assistants
  12. HowExpert Musicians - Do a Song About Your Country!
  13. HE Movies
  14. Short Story Press Fiction Writing
  15. HowExpert Ecommerce Assistant/Team
  16. HowExpert Interviewer/Host for Doing 1-on-1 Interviews & YouTube Videos
  17. Christian Story Press - Ministry Project
  18. Contact us at support [at] howexpert [dot] com if you have any specialized expertise that you want to do for HowExpert.

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