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99 Virtual Assistants Wanted for Top 10 Projects/Departments: SELF STARTER VA's Wanted for HowExpert

HowExpert Is Looking SELF STARTER Virtual Assistants Who Will Get Assigned to SELF START a PROJECT related to ANY of the TOP 10+ HowExpert Projects Listed Below.

We are looking for VA's who can be self starters and keep pushing forward WITHOUT detailed instructions while following our ideas & requests & new tests/projects to ultimately find the BEST WAY possible in the long run.

Here are our Top 10+ Projects. We will ask you to prove your experience/expertise in any of the departments and let us know what your idea you can DO/EXECUTE ON YOUR OWN AS A SELF STARTER FOR HOWEXPERT?


HowExpert 10+ Projects: (TELL US IN COVER LETTER which project you can be BEST at FOR HOWEXPERT & WHAT STRATEGY do you have right now to help HowExpert with your skill/talent/experience/expertise?)

  1. Ebooks & Books - VA must have experience with Amazon formatting & submitting to the best level as possible.
  2. Audiobooks - VA must have experience working with audiobook work for Amazon.
  3. Ecommerce - VA must have experience with SHOPIFY PRINT ON DEMAND ECOMMERCE &/or AMAZON FBA PRIVATE LABEL.
  4. Online Video Courses - VA must have experience with DIGITAL PRODUCTS such as UDEMY, AMAZON VIDEO, and OPTIMIZEPRESS WISHLIST WEBSITES (using JVZoo &/or Clickbank)
  5. Online Membership Site VA must have experience with OPTIMIZEPRESS + WISHLIST to create a simple ONLINE MEMBERSHIP SITE using JVZoo &/or Clickbank.
  6. Music - Looking for musicians who can also produce music. Also looking for a VA to submit music to itunes, spotify, amazon, etc)
  7. Movies - VA must have experience submitting online videos to amazon and more. Also looking for movie/documentary/youtube content creators.
  8. Jobs - Assistant needed to post jobs for all HE Top 10+ departments daily/weekly to shortlist best candiates to inteview & hire)
  9. New & Innovate - VA must come up with daily/weekly research for all top 10+ departments and provide weekly summary notes for HowExpert)
  10. Team Manager/s & Team & System - VA needed for managing all departments & team members when/if necessary for those departments.
  11. Facebook Advertising & YouTube Advertising & Google Advertising - VA needed for doing paid advertising & doing facebook pixel & facebook retargeting & scaling with other big ad platforms like youtube & google.
  12. Email Marketing - VA needed to write & submit email sequences for ALL our lists for email newsletter readers for free newsletters & paid members & affiliates & more for our email platforms such as aweber &/or getresponse.
  13. Social Media - VA must have experience in any of the top social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc.


We want to hire you for what you are #1 BEST AT and work on the project/department which you would best excel in.

We have 10+ HowExpert departments/jobs available IF you have experience and can help us with any of the above departments.

APPLY TODAY & let us know which HowExpert Department/Project you want to FOCUS ON & ARE BEST AT & WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR HOWEXPERT in that specific as a SELF STARTER? Please tell us your IDEA & PROOF OF EXPERIENCE/BEST SAMPLES similar to what you can do for HowExpert



HowExpert Team


PS...Because we hire so many people, we will assign you the job and see if you can get results as a SELF STARTER with LITTLE TO NO DIRECTION. If you can get results, we will continue for long run. If no to little results, then we will end in the long run. Either way, we are happy to work and have a win win ending either way. Thank you!

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