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  • HowExpert Music - We are looking for musicians + producers to create music about your country & our 300+ BOOK Topics from A to Z!
  • HowExpert Movies - We are looking for independent movie/film/documentary makers to publish HowExpert movies @ Amazon to brand you & HowExpert to the next level!
  • HowExpert YouTube Projects - We are hiring 99+ content creators to do a Top 10 Tips video about your #1 passion/knowledge/expertise to brand you as the expert for your niche!
  • Fiction Writers - We are also looking for FICTION writers to write a 10k/25k/50k+ fiction book and publish it on Amazon!
  • If you want to work for HowExpert, then contact us at support [at] howexpert [dot] com & tell us what you want to do for HowExpert because we are open to ALL KINDS OF IDEAS to take HowExpert to the next level (Facebook Advertising + YouTube advertising + MORE!).

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