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How To Draw Faces: Opening credits

How To Draw Faces: Introduction

How To Draw Faces - Chapter 1: Learning Head Proportions

How To Draw Faces - Chapter 2: How To Draw A Man’s Face

How To Draw Faces - Chapter 3: How To Draw A Woman’s Face

How To Draw Faces - Chapter 4: How To Draw A Baby’s Face

How To Draw Faces - Chapter 5: How To Draw A Little Boy’s Face

How To Draw Faces - Chapter 6: How To Draw A Little Girl’s Face

How To Draw Faces - Chapter 7: How To Draw An Old Man’s Face

How To Draw Faces - Chapter 8: How To Draw An Old Woman’s Face

How To Draw Faces - Chapter 9:How To Draw Different Races’ Faces

How To Draw Faces - Chapter 10: How To Draw Different Face Shapes

How To Draw Faces - Conclusion

How To Draw Faces - Closing Credits

About the Expert Therese Barleta

Therese Barleta is a contributing writer for She has been drawing for over 20 years. Ever since the time she could first hold a pencil, she has been drawing and improving this skill in realistic drawing continuously. Growing up, art was always her passion, and while still studying in grade school, she dreamed of pursuing a career in the arts. While in school she accepted arts commissions, and eventually ended up with landing an illustrator position for a storyboards company as her first job. The company she worked for has done commercial illustration services for U.S and U.K. based companies such as Wendy’s, Ford Motors and Yoplait, to name a few.
During Therese Barleta’s childhood years, her mother always gave her a pencil and a stack of papers to draw on. As doodles developed into recognizable drawings of animals and people, her family discovered that she had a knack for drawing and they encouraged her to keep practicing this skill. Comic books such as Archie, Marvel and eventually Manga nurtured her love for drawing and then later developed her skill for drawing realistically when Interactive Arts Services employed her as a storyboard artist. The job required constant drawing of different people of different ages, sexes and races in various everyday situations, and this constant practice sharpened her skill in realistic drawing.
For budding artists, Therese Barleta advises: “Learn to appreciate and enjoy drawing first as a passion, something that you really love to do and not something that you need to do. Looking at other people’s beautiful works will help inspire you and fire up your interests. The inspiration will give you the desire to grab a pencil and paper and start drawing. Never lose heart, just keep on practicing, and be sure to always enjoy what you’re doing. When looking at great artists’ works, don’t just look, appreciate and absorb how the person executes their drawing. Look, appreciate and learn.”

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