Solo World Traveler: How to Travel the World Independently All By Yourself in a Fun, Affordable, and Memorable Way From A to Z
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Solo World Traveler: How to Travel the World Independently All By Yourself in a Fun, Affordable, and Memorable Way From A to Z

Solo World Traveler is packed with 101 tips, hacks and tricks for the solo world traveler. Together they will show you how heading out into the world all by yourself is not just possible but will also arm you with everything you need to turn your own travel dreams into reality. Inside you will find -

• Ways of pushing through the fear – Many dream of traveling solo, far fewer actually do it. Fear tends to be the biggest barrier. The step-by-step element of this book shows you how to dissipate and overcome those fears enough to start packing your bags and living the dream.
• Tips for deciding where to go - The world really is your oyster as a solo traveler. Learn how to unearth your dream destination and discover simple ways of hunting down the flight bargains to get you there.
• Advice for the hesitant solo traveler – From crewing on a boat to knowing which accommodation choices give you instant companionship – these and many more secrets included in this book show those who may be a little reluctant to head out solo what their many options are.
• Budgeting hacks and tips – Travelling to exotic and exciting destinations doesn't have to cost the earth. The pages of this book will show even those on a very tight budget how all of it is possible with limited funds.
• How to eliminate the lone element -Solo travels can be anything but lonely travels - the tricks in this book show you why.
• Staying safe – How to ensure your travels stay fun and trouble-free.
• The packing dilemma – What to pack, what to leave behind – when you are headed out for the first (or even the tenth time) it can be hard to know what you should take with you. Here you will learn what is and isn't essential, step-by-step.

About the Expert
In 2003, after what she describes as a rather too close brush with the Grim Reaper, Deneice decided life was meant to be lived as if each day was her last. She sold her house and gave away almost all her belongings, including her successful professional gymnastics coaching business. With her surfboard under her arm and her pack on her back she set out to see what the world could show her. Fifteen years on she is still doing it – without a single regret - and with the majority of those years spent wandering the planet as a solo traveler.

In 2010 she began writing and found to her surprise and delight that there were many people who were prepared to pay her for her words. This meant the end of a string of minimum wage jobs around the world which had previously been used to top up the travel funds. Her work as a freelance writer allows her to set up her 'office' wherever she happens to be – from beach huts to the middle of the jungle; sometimes she takes on voluntary work too.

She describes herself as a permanent nomad hopelessly addicted to travel and the excitement of constantly learning and exploring, getting lost and found, never knowing what is around the next corner and having amazing encounters with incredible people. For her, everywhere and nowhere is home.

Along with the vast collection of memories, stories and adventures her travels have given her she has also discovered, uncovered, realized and gathered a wealth of knowledge. This has made her traveling life significantly easier, far cheaper and helps her to squeeze every last drop of fun from her solo travels.

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Solo World Traveler (Ebook + Audio + Video Course)

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