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Join HowExpert's #1 mission of making a positive impact in the world with your #1 unique talent/gift/knowledge/expertise/experience/accomplishment/story!

"Now, You Can Write About Your #1 Passion/Knowledge/Expertise, Become a Published Author on Amazon, and Make a Positive Impact in Your Sphere of Influence & to the World...Without Spending Years of Effort, Time, Energy, & Money Learning How to Publish a Book All on Your Own...Thanks to HowExpert!"

ELEVATE YOURSELF AS AN EXPERT IN YOUR #1 PASSION (that you truly are BEST at!) to make a POSITIVE IMPACT in your sphere of influence and to the world as well!

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Hello Everyday Experts!

HowExpert is a publishing company that empowers everyday people to become published authors in their #1 best expertise to ultimately make a positive impact in the world.

This is the #1 BEST OPPORTUNITY for everyday talents to become published authors on Amazon WITHOUT the hassle of learning how to publish a book all on your own (which can take you years of learning, trial, error, money, time, headaches, & more!).

The #1 BENEFIT/OPPORTUNITY/BONUS for writing for HowExpert is that you get credited as the expert author for the book on Amazon. This can sky rocket your resume and brand which will naturally help you get more work & improve your overall freelancer resume/portfolio/career for the long run.

Writing for HowExpert is not just about getting a one time payment.

Writing for HowExpert is A LONG TERM OPPORTUNITY to build your credibility as an expert in your field, stand out from your competition, and become a published author in an official way on Amazon.

We have hired 200+ WRITERS and PLAN to HIRE 1000+ IN THE FUTURE!


You Write About What You Are #1 BEST At To HELP Others Just Like You through a HOWEXPERT 'how to' guide (which is 20k+ words)! It can be a unique hobby, topic, passion, knowledge, expertise, experience, accomplishment, theory, or an innovative idea that can make a positive impact to your audience/sphere of influence/avatar/etc to make your positive mark/impact in the world through this guide.

You Get Credited as an Expert Author on Amazon for HowExpert. Our 10+ year of experience/expertise in the digital publishing industry (#1 bestseller as an author & publisher) can ACTUALIZE your dream of becoming an author into reality! Being a published author on Amazon can help you STAND OUT from all other future freelancers who have never written a book. Plus, this opportunity can help elevate your resume/portfolio to get more future work for the long run. (we have helped 200+ writers get their name on Amazon and thus help their resume & writing & future ventures.)

HowExpert's #1 MISSION is to make a POSITIVE IMPACT in the world through quick 'how to' guides by everyday talents on UNIQUE topics in a positive, passionate, purposeful, powerful, and personal way.

*** RATE (Negotiable)
- $250 for a 25,000+ words OR $200 for 20,000+ words. (Ebook)

100+ word about the expert section (in 3rd person)
200+ word book description (include bullet points)
500+ word summary of topic (give quick version of book in 500 word article)

Plus, you can be credited as expert author for HowExpert like this:

IN SUMMARY, we are looking 2 THINGS:

1) UNIQUE TOPICS: We are looking for a VERY UNIQUE & UNHEARD OF TOPIC that you have knowledge/experience/success in.

(Note: We want the #1 topic that you consider yourself BEST at in your real life THROUGH REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE (NOT "RESEARCH")...BETTER than MOST EVERYDAY PEOPLE out there.

- ISFJ 101 (or about your MBTI personality type!)
- Maui Guide (or write about your 'how to' guide about your most experienced city!)
- How to Run 52 Marathons in 52 Weeks (or about your #1 big accomplishment.)
- How to Read 100+ Books in a Year (any accomplishment you can teach others how to do)
- Unique Hobbies (100 Fidget Spinner Tricks, 100 Yo Yo Tricks, etc)

NOTE: You must write all work from start to finish. No speech to text editors allowed. HowExpert is the best opportunity for aspiring writers & authors who want to brand & build their unique expertise to the next level.

HowExpert publishes quick 'how to' guides on unique topics by everyday experts. The UNIQUE BENEFIT for this 1-time project is that you get credited as the expert author of the book. This can be a great opportunity to instantly elevate your credibility as an expert in your field by becoming a published author for HowExpert!

Looking for freelancers who value this UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY instead of just focusing on payment. THIS IS A ONE TIME PAYMENT PROJECT. (NO ROYALTIES.)

If you want to do a custom project, then visit
(prices @


  • If you have any UNIQUE ideas that you would want to do for HowExpert, contact us at Thank you.

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We have helped HUNDREDS of everyday experts become published authors and brand themselves as an expert in their passion/expertise/field!

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"My experiences with this client were wholly positive: from initial contact, through the brief and all the way to completion the job was great fun and hardly felt like work at all. The opportunity to write on a subject that I am passionate about is a rare one and it made for a great first job - I would highly recommend this client to any budding writer, as their brief and support were exemplary."


Liam Rodgers

“Everything went super well! They were understanding and willing to work around my particular situation. I'm so happy with the results! Got to get published and hopefully make a difference in the life of others. I would highly recommend them.”

Nephi Ginnett

“I was very pleased with my experience with this client. Their instructions and expectations were clearly communicated. The client responded quickly to any questions or comments that I had. Payment was quickly released after I delivered my content. I'd be happy to work with this client again.”

John Longsworth
  • "This was a wonderful project to partake in. HowExpert was a tremendous company to collaborate with. They have a stellar reputation here on Upwork, and I can see why. Their representative BJ was very sharp and professional throughout the whole process. He provided blazing fast responses and even gave some of his own unique insight which was both helpful and enlightening. This "How To" book was an absolute treat to create. I have no complaints whatsoever about any aspects of this assignment. Thank you to the folks at HowExpert for giving me an opportunity to hop on board with such a special type of job. I truly appreciate it." Kristopher Trujillo
  • “He explained very clearly everything he wanted and it was a pleasure to work with BJ Min.” Miguel Ferraz
  • “BJ Min is a wonderful client to work for. He has clear expectations and very good in regard to communication. Once I clear a few projects off my plate, I would like to work for him again.” Karen Burkey
  • “Clearly communicates, reasonable expectations and very easy to get a hold of.” Andrew Pourciaux
  • “They were clear about their expectations and they were very flexible. I would like to work with them again.” Heather Clark
  • “BJ was, in a word, AWESOME to work for. Very reasonable deadlines, and the freedom to write well with little oversight, allowing me to take the project to a level that I would otherwise not have been able to. I will HAPPILY write for his business again, and highly recommend him to anyone.” Steven Yoder
  • I absolutely loved working with Hot Methods. They laid out everything I needed to know prior to accepting the job. I set my deadline. Once I turned in my work, I was asked to edit 2 things in my project and once I turned that back in it was accepted within the hour. I would recommend this company.
  • “An excellent experience. If you enjoy writing eBooks this is a great project. BJ Min paid quickly once the project was complete.” Katie Z
  • “This is an excellent employer who allows the writer plenty of space for creativity. The client is also helpful and responsive.” Brenda Brown
  • “Great client!” Christy P
  • “Excellent experience! It was a fun job.” Amy Flanders
  • “Wonderful experience, would love to work with this client again!” Melissa Hayden
  • “Great client! He was reasonable and available upon request.” Natalie Fahey
  • “BJ is fun to work with. He is thoughtful, patient, and open-minded. Overall, fun project!” Candice L
  • “I am thankful for the creative freedom on this project and the client's quick communication. Would love to work with them on another project.” Joshua Klajnowski
  • “Excellent client with great communication skills. Thanks!” Dena Gray
  • “I really enjoyed doing this project and would recommend this employer.” Essie Thorn
  • “Mr. Min was very clear about his expectations, responded quickly to my messages, and was extremely efficient in terms of turn-around. I would recommend working with him.” Jody Cummings
  • "Writing for HowExpert was a wonderful experience. BJ was straight to the point, honest, very nice and a great communicator. I would love to work with him again." Ann Kim
  • "Thank you for the opportunity! It was great working with you." Pinar Alsac
  • "Interesting work opportunity with very clear requirements and available communication as needed. I very much appreciated the three weeks given for the work, with flexible deadline, a rare commodity. Thank you!" Mary Blake
  • "The client did an impressive job of managing a project with multiple hires, and the job itself was fun. I'll definitely look forward to working with them again!" Alexandra Borzo
  • "If only more contractors were this easy to work with! The terms and the requirements were plainly spelled out. The contractor was responsive to messages and open to any changes that had to be made. Feedback in every step of the project was immediate and constructive to the project success. It makes me want to learn more skills to just write more how to books for this company!" Michael Cole
  • "Very easy to work with, flexible, responds to all questions and comments in a timely manner-- highly recommend!" Lindsay Rossum
  • "BJ was a pleasure to work with. I appreciated that I could write about something that was a passion to me. Questions were answered in a timely manner and the deadline was reasonable. I would love to work with BJ again." Jessica Dumas
  • "It was great working with him. Would work with him again anytime. Highly recommended!" Veronica Cordido

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ELEVATE YOURSELF AS AN EXPERT IN YOUR #1 PASSION (that you truly are BEST at!) to make a POSITIVE IMPACT in your sphere of influence and to the world as well!

At HowExpert, we pay you a onetime payment for this opportunity. There are no royalties to writers because those projects are for 'Option #2: Done for You Service' where you hire us to help you with your project.

Becoming a Published Author by writing for HowExpert is a POSITIVE OPPORTUNITY that unfortunately, most people (writers, freelancers, etc) don't know or don't have the experience in doing.

That's where HowExpert can help you.

In short, you do the writing and HowExpert can publish your writing as a quick 'how to' book on Amazon and get you published as an Amazon author which will naturally help elevate your resume for your future projects, interviews, jobs, businesses, and more.


Currently and for the future, we will have to be more and more selective. So if we make you an offer and want to work with you, that is a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY for you to ELEVATE YOURSELF AS AN EXPERT IN YOUR #1 PASSION (that you truly are BEST at!) to make a POSITIVE IMPACT in your sphere of influence and to the world as well!

NOTE: At HowExpert, we pay a ONE TIME payment for work. 

Join HowExpert's #1 mission of making a positive impact in the world with your #1 unique talent/gift/knowledge/expertise/experience/accomplishment/story!

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(We prefer to work with OPTION #1 PEOPLE (Our HowExpert Writers!) first and foremost because HowExpert is our #1 priority so join HowExpert's mission of making a positive impact in the world with your #1 unique talent/gift/knowledge/expertise/experience/accomplishment/story!)


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NOTE: At HowExpert, we pay a ONE TIME payment for work. However if you want your own book with your own royalties, then please check out our 'Option #2: Done for You Services' where you hire us to do this service for you for your own account.

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