Short ‘How To’ Guides on Unique Topics by Everyday Experts!

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HowExpert - Short "How To" Guides on Unique Topics by Everyday Experts!

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What is HowExpert?

HowExpert publishes short ‘how to’ guides on unique topics by everyday experts who want to share their passion, knowledge, and expertise with the world and make a positive impact in their sphere of influence!

We strive to create short 'how to' guides on UNIQUE & ORIGINAL & TRAIL BLAZING topics that have NEVER been published before! We have experience publishing MANY 'how to' guides on unique topics where we were the WORLD'S FIRST & ORIGINAL to publish a book on those specific topics! That is what is UNIQUE about us: we strive to become the FIRST & ORIGINAL to publish a how to guide on UNIQUE TOPICS!

If you are interested in getting quick how to solutions for your passions, hobbies, and unique topics of interest, then check out our HowExpert eBooks, paperbacks, and audiobooks on Amazon's Kindle, BarnesandNoble Nook, Apple's iBooks and other top online retailers.

What's UNIQUE About HowExpert?

We publish work by everyday experts who write about what they have real life, authentic experience in real life.

We don't hire ghostwriters to research about any topic that they have NO experience in and write about it. That means, you get AUTHENTIC advice from REAL LIFE everyday experts who have REAL LIFE, AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCE.

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HowExpert Video Courses (More Coming Soon!):

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Check Out HowExpert Accomplishments:

We Published #1 Bestsellers on Amazon in Unique Topics!

We Published Hundreds of Unique How To Guides on Very Unique Topics by Real Life, Everyday Experts!

Want to Publish the World's FIRST & ORIGINAL Book on Your UNIQUE Topic for HowExpert?

The VISION for HowExpert is to publish "how to" guides on topics that have NEVER been published before in the past! In short, we strive to publish UNIQUE & INNOVATIVE & ORIGINAL topics! So if you have a UNIQUE passion, hobby, accomplishments, experience, or expertise in something that MOST PEOPLE have NEVER heard of, those are the EXACT TYPE of topics we are looking for from everyday experts to put you on the map and build your credibility as the FIRST & ORIGINAL teacher in your UNIQUE niche!

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