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HowExpert publishes short ‘how to’ guides in unique topics by everyday experts who want to share their passion, knowledge, and expertise with the world and make a positive impact in their sphere of influence!

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Yes! You can become an expert author for HowExpert! Becoming a HowExpert expert author can give you the opportunity to share your passions/knowledge/expertise to make a positive impact in the world to your sphere of influence. Our mission is to empower everyday experts to share their unique talents, knowledge, and expertise to make a positive impact in the world through short 'how to' guides.
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Welcome to HowExpert.

We publish short 'how to' guides by everyday experts who share their UNIQUE talents, passions, and knowledge through quick, straight to the point guides.

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What's UNIQUE About HowExpert?

We only hire everyday experts to write about what they have real life, authentic experience in real life.

Unlike many publishers in the publishing world, we don't hire freelancers or ghostwriters to research about any topic that they have NO real life experience in and write about it. That is a NO NO for us.

We only want to teach what the author has real life experience in so that our readers can get REAL LIFE, AUTHENTIC tips for their favorite topics.

Again, we ONLY hire everyday experts to write about what they are REALLY good at in real life.

The result is that READERS will learn from REAL LIFE everyday experts who have REAL LIFE, AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCE.

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