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More Video Courses Coming Soon (Hemp Jewelry, INTJ Female, Horse Care, Bass Guitar, ISFJ 101, INFJ Author, How to Sell on eBay, Raising Chickens, Miniature Fairy Gardening, Magic the Gathering, How to Write a Children's Book, MBTI Topics, & Etc.)

What is HowExpert?

HowExpert publishes quick ‘how to’ guides on unique topics by everyday experts. Our quick and straight to the point guides give you maximum tips in minimum time.

HowExpert's #1 Mission is to Discover & Empower Everyday Talents to Discover & Use Their #1 Gift/Talent/Expertise to Create a 'How To' Guide to Make a Positive, Passionate, Purposeful, Powerful, and Personal Impact in their Sphere of Influence and the World...One Book at a Time!

HOWEXPERT #1 MISSION (Discover + Empower + Maximize): The #1 HowExpert Mission is to DISCOVER & EMPOWER Everyday Talents/Experts/People to MAXIMIZE Their #1 Unique Talents to the Fullest by Publishing a Quick "How To" Guide About Their #1 Expertise to Ultimately Make a Positive, Passionate, Purposeful, Powerful, & Personal Impact to Their Sphere of Influence & to the World...One Book/Person/Reader at a Time!

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Write About Your #1 Passion/Knowledge/Expertise, Elevate Your Credibility as an Expert in Your Field, Become a Published Author, and Make a Positive Impact in the World by Writing for HowExpert!

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We also have a fiction publishing company that focuses on short stories. It is called Short Story Press. Visit to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

HowExpert Plans

  • HowExpert Reference Guide: This Future Introductory Book Will Introduce All Our Top How To Guides.
  • HowExpert Video Courses: We will turn our books into online video courses.
  • HowExpert Membership Site: This Membership Site Will Provide HowExpert Content on a Consistent Basis.
  • HowExpert Affiliate Program: Earn 50% commissions EVERY month from referring one person to join HowExpert membership site!
  • HowExpert trademark in progress.
  • ALSO: HowExpert Is Open to New Creative Projects Such as Hiring Screenwriters, Singer/Songwriters to Publish Independent Music and Short Film/Documentaries/Movies/Videos/Etc. in the Future.
  • Contact for any new & creative ideas that you are fine with providing to us in order to empower us to empower everyday experts to provide maximum value ultimately to you, our HowExpert readers and learners. Thank you.
  • UPDATE: We also have a fiction publishing company that focuses on short stories called Short Story Press. We are currently working on turning all 100+ Short Story Press (as well as HowExpert) eBooks into audiobooks (as well as video productions as well) and are looking for high quality, positive sounding, audio narrators from the United States. If you want to be an audio narrator, then apply for our HowExpert jobs. Thank you.

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