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"Health & Fitness 101" Provides Health & Fitness Tips Featuring KALI MUSCLE (Elite Bodybuilder & Top Fitness Influencer with MILLIONS of Followers), Pro Athletes in Various Sports, Olympians, & More Fitness Influencers All In One Course.

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"Social Media 101" Provides the BEST Social Media Tips Featuring Social Media Influencers Such as CRISTIAN OLIVERAS (1 Million Followers on IG & Featured on MTV's Wild n Out TV Show) & Many More Media Influencers with 100K+ to 1 MILLION Followers & Beyond All in ONE Course!

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  • Note to Influencers: If you're an influencer, then being a part of one of our HowExpert courses can help BRAND & GROW your brand as we will feature you as one of our MANY experts for our niche topics. Having multiple experts provide tips will elevate the brand of all the experts as a whole. Plus, we will give you LINKS/TRAFFIC to your TOP social media on our webpages. It's a WIN/WIN/WIN situation for You + Our Viewers + HowExpert. If we sent you an offer, please respond & please do your VERY BEST as we look forward to providing the BEST HIGH QUALITY CONTENT to our viewers to ultimately make a POSITIVE IMPACT to them from your real life expertise & then move forward to new categories/topics after we get our FIRST 10+ responses PER topic (We may have plans to hire 100 experts for ONE course in the future as we believe that can give the greatest value to our viewers for the long run). We plan to do multiple online courses on various topics from A to Z. The BEST Content will be featured on the very top. Thank you & appreciate you all!

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