ENTJ Dating and Relationship Guide

Did you know that ENTJ trailblazers have a propensity for dating and being in committed relationships? Do you know which personality type rejects ENTJ almost every time? ENTJ is one of the rarest Myers-Briggs personality types, whose strong traits come out boldly in romantic settings. ENTJs have a lot they bring to relationships, like:
• Natural extroversion through a desire to engage with the world
• Intuition that allows ENTJ to pick up on information without having to see it
• Thought-based decision-making that keeps emotions in the back seat
• The judging personality type that favors action over observation
As though it weren’t enough to be extroverted, intuitive, objective and decisive, there are other ENTJ traits that lend themselves specifically to romantic relationships:
• ENTJs are decisive about relationships
• It’s easy to commit once we find what we’re looking for
• We engage willingly with the world and we aren’t shy
• We exude confidence, and our confidence often rubs off
• We look for signs of compatibility and trust our instincts
• We don’t have to see it to believe it
• We’re attracted to relationships that offer us new experiences or learning opportunities
• Information is there to be gathered and reasoned out
• We don’t see critique as criticism, especially when someone solicits our thoughts
• Feelings happen, but we’d rather examine them than express them
• If there’s a decision to be made in a relationship, we’re going to make it
• We’re not always the most spontaneous
• We’re hyper committed with a greater sense of responsibility
• We’re known to see relationship hurdles as projects instead of problems
• Ideas turn naturally into plans, which turn naturally into goals
• We’re good at planning for the future
• We like planning for the future
• We essentially live for the future
ENTJ Dating and Relationship Guide is a book for ENTJs who have ever dated or wanted to date. It’s also a book for anyone who’s ever been involved with an ENTJ, or who’s thinking about getting involved with one. We cover the beginning, middle and end of relationships, as well as communication hurdles, dating tendencies, and much more!
Some people might think dating an ENTJ is a pretty good time, while others might be pulling their hair out. Whether you’re an ENTJ or a partner, and whether your sights are set on personal improvement or you’re just curious, this book will have you reflecting on your own love life in a few short pages.
Keep ENTJ quirks in mind as you navigate romantic relationships, because in dating these Myers-Briggs personality types carry a heavier weight. Each personality-type tendency reacts with the traits of a partner, and creates the chemical reaction that makes your relationship what it is.
Read this book for a better insight into your love life, whether you’re an ENTJ or the person dating one. Dive in to see what you learn about yourself, grow from what you learn, and make your love life everything it can be!

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