First Aid 101

The Value of First Aid
Accidents and emergencies put the lives of people at risk at any time and any place. But the risk for death or disability is high if nothing is done, even before medical help arrives. That’s where first aid comes in as it exponentially raises the survival rate of a person when they need medical attention.

What is First Aid?
In the simplest terms, first aid is an umbrella of measures and techniques that are done first before professional medical help arrives on the scene. First aid significantly raises the survival rate of the person as these techniques aim to preserve the life of the victim. This includes techniques like CPR, positioning, and clearing the airway.

Who Can Do First Aid?
Anyone! There’s no prohibition when it comes to giving first aid as long as you’re physically capable of doing so. You don’t need to be a nurse or a doctor in order to provide first aid. In fact, first aid is needed in most situations when there is no medical professional available on the scene. Everyone should learn how to do first aid as this can save the lives of a lot of people. A first aid responder is the first line of defense when it comes to saving lives.

What is Your Role in First Aid?
As a first aid provider, your role is to be the “first” one on the scene. This means you have to assess the situation and give first aid measures that are needed by the person. For example, an unconscious person who’s not breathing requires immediate CPR.
But this doesn’t mean you have to take the helm of everything. As a first aid responder, you are the foundation for establishing the scene. This means you relay all the information that you’ve obtained to the trained medical staff. This includes the things that you saw in the victim (ex. signs and symptoms) and the measures that you did so the medical professionals know what to do next.
Things to Do in First Aid
First aid has a wide scope when it comes to the things done. But the first step here is to always secure the safety of the scene. You have to ensure that you and the victim are safe from harm, as well as bringing the victim to a safe location. This ensures that you, the responder, will be free from harm as you perform first aid measures. It also makes sure that the professional medical staff who will be coming to your aid will also be safe.

How Do I Learn First Aid?
Learning first aid is fairly easy. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to have a medical degree in order to provide first aid measures. All you need to do is go for training in your local hospital or any establishment that has first aid training courses. These trainings are physical and mental challenges that gives you hands-on drills that will simulate scenarios that warrant immediate first aid. But if participating in first aid training isn’t your thing or you just don’t have the time, you can also opt to learn from references, books, and manuals. Remember, anyone can and should learn first aid.

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