Freediving 101: How to Freedive and Explore the Underwater World on One Breath

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There is one sport truly unlike any other. It requires balance of the body, stillness of the mind, and freedom of the ocean. This is freediving and it will change your life. Freedivers have the exhilarating and humbling opportunity to explore the ocean on one breath. Freediving can also be performed in a pool or in any body of water. Some people freedive to compete, push their bodies, and break world records. Some people freedive to see corals, fish, and other marine life with a new perspective. It’s a great way to explore our planet. Others freedive to find inner peace. Some people freedive to become better surfers. Spearfishers freedive to hunt selectively. Freediving can help you overcome your fears and become one with water. Whatever your reason for freediving is, it is a life changing endeavor. It is like journeying into another world. You will strengthen your mind and body as you learn to freedive.

There is so much to learn when it comes to this sport. Even the most advanced freedivers learn new things all the time. Freediving science is an emerging discipline that we are just beginning to explore. This guide will teach you all about freediving equipment. It is important to select the right freediving equipment so you are as comfortable as possible underwater. This guide will also include information about meditation, visualization, and other techniques. In order to freedive we must strengthen our bodies, and especially our minds. Freediving is all about relaxation and inner peace. It requires a high degree of mental strength. But do not worry, the ocean will relax you. You will find yourself achieving things you once though impossible. Freediving will liberate you and allow you to push yourself to your maximum ocean potential. Topics of discussion include choosing the right equipment, increasing your breath hold time, and performing rescues. Freediving is not an inherently dangerous activity, but it is important to be familiar with up-to-date rescue procedures. This will give you additional peace of mind.

Our bodies have remarkable adaptations to make us one with the sea. These adaptations are shared by other ocean-going creatures. We are deeply connected to other organisms on the Earth and freediving lets us experience this in a whole new way. This guide will show you how and why you are able to freedive. You will be surprised by how much your body is capable of. Many people think they can’t hold their breath for more than a minute and they can’t descend to the ocean’s depths. They just don’t know the right techniques or have the right mental clarity yet. Freediving is like unlocking ancient, biological secrets. Your body is capable of more than you think. This guide will show you how to unlock these secrets and how to have a more humbling experience in the ocean. Every human being has a blue mind and a blue body. It is true that surfers, SCUBA divers, and other ocean goers will never see the water like a freediver. Join the movement with this in-depth guide. Learn more about apnea and it will free your life.

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