How To Be a Good Wife

In today’s society, marriage is not viewed the way it once was. It is so disappointing to hear the traditional marriage vows changed, to suit the ideals of the couple. Those vows were put into place for a reason, and there is something to be said for the couples who have used those traditions. When couples decide to work together, actually spend time together, and respect one another, their marriages will be longer and more satisfying. When you listen to one another, you respect one another. There are many temptations in the world today.
The Big Screen has turned marriage inside out.Being a traditional type of wife is almost laughable to an ever growing crowd. Wives are a different breed these days. They are business owners, executives, doctors, pilots and are expected to meet all of the needs of the household. In a sense, they are Superwomen.
What does not and should not change, however, is how she treats her husband. Many men find it difficult to love these very powerful women. A wife can wear many hats, and still be soft, lovable, and loyal. This is one of the reasons that it is so important for men and women to try and work out their difficulties, and stay together. Sometimes it is almost too easy to give up, and head to the lawyer’s office. It is perfectly fine to fix your husband’s plate, and be excited when he says your food is great. It is important to aid your husband through an illness, and support him if he loses his job.
A good wife can be a success when and where it matters. Whether you are in the court room, or in the bedroom, you must remember that you have given yourself to one man only. Society is not being very gentle to our young single women. You can’t turn around without watching an ad that all but screams “sex”. Just walk through any department store and look at the clothing for young girls. How are we supposed to convince these girls that most men find this type of dress attractive for one reason. Sex.
A man that is looking for a girl to take home to his mother, or to make his wife one day, will not be showing her off in a pair of shorts that show the curve of her behind. A man that respects his mother, will want to respect his future wife. A man that has watched his own father respect his mother, will in turn, respect his future wife. He will want her to be a good wife. He will need her to rise above the everyday, typical, girl. When he puts a ring on her finger, he will have high expectations. Every marriage is different, and just because society seems to place a higher value on divorce, doesn’t mean your marriage has to be in that negative statistic. It is an honor to be that couple that everyone expects to succeed.

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