How To Become a Babysitter

Babysitting in one of the first jobs for many Junior High kids and older. If you are one of these kids who has turned 12, 13, 14 or more and is looking for some ways to make extra money, this is the right page. Maybe you don’t know anyone who has young children to babysit or maybe you are already babysitting but are looking to find more clientele– here is the place. There are different resources to use to get the word out that you are looking for a job.
The first thing is to tell your parents. They may know people at work who have kids and are looking to go out for dinner. Tell everyone in your family such as grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc. because they too will tell people they know. If you go to church, mention that you are looking to babysit to the people there. If you are a regular they feel like they know you already; you get your foot in the door. And again, they will spread the word. The best opportunities come from word of mouth.
Another option is to look in the local newspaper. These jobs will most likely be in your area. The younger you are it is important your own parents know all the babysitter details such as what time to be there, and what time to have you picked up. In fact, your own parents might want to meet the parents of who you will be babysitting. Besides, you are not an adult yourself if you are 12-17 years old.
The internet is another place to look for babysitting jobs in your area. The internet will also allow you to expand your search if you are looking to drive to another city. You can look for a “ritzier” neighborhood because if you land a continuous babysitting job with one family, they may be giving extra bonuses.
The local employment agency has resources; you can register in their office. They can offer you constant babysitting jobs; however there probably is some sort of commission involved. At least you will have a paycheck coming in.
Finally, depending on how serious you are about babysitting, you might want to get a babysitting permit. Parents look at this and feel you would be more qualified than others. They see this as being responsible; you went through all the trouble of getting certified because you have a passion for it. If this is a passion, then babysitting at a younger age will give you experience for when you are older. The more you work with kids the better. You can volunteer in kids’ programs or be a scout leader; you will meet parents of the kids and perhaps develop a relationship where they ask you to babysit.
Word of mouth is the best way to get more babysitting jobs. When you do a good job, they will come back and one day you may land a permanent babysitting job. Kids can be a handful so be sure you have passion for it.

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