How To Find Love After Death Of Husband

The reason why we are afraid of love is because we want to shield ourselves from pain. We are afraid to get hurt again. We are afraid that if we face the same ordeal we might not recover and get out of the shadow of misery and loneliness of grieving.

Knowing what to expect and the ways to moved on and continue life’s journey is very important. Now that we are prepared to face yet another phase of our life, enjoy it because loving is life’s gift. Enjoy the wonders of love and anticipate good things to come your way because of love.

We must understand the importance of emotional preparedness and physical preparations to get us ready in the arena of love. We also have to consider our physical appearance. We went through hell during the times of grieving and it creates physical if not emotional damage to us.

• Our hair becomes dull
• We gained weight
• If not we loose weight and the skin is now sagging
• We developed bad habits like
o Smoking
o Drinking
o And worst drug addiction
• Our teeth is not that presentable, plaque is building up
• We became old fashioned
• We now have wrinkles
• We forgot to take care of our health in general

Although, these can create temporary damage to our general health we can still reverse the damage and create a new and healthy you.

There are several natural treatments and services available to take care of our body and help regenerate the damaged cells.
• Spa
• Massages
• Hair salon that offers natural hair treatment

It is also important that we update ourselves with the latest fashion available through the list below to contemplate on the latest trends and style to complement the new you.
• Magazines
• Internet
• Fashion shows
• Entertainment shows

Emotional preparedness is as important as physical preparations. We must know how to combat stress and fight depression to find our love back. There are available technique in dealing with stress and depression. What’s important is to surround your life with positive people, happy thoughts and lively environment to take you out from thinking negatively.

If it’s hurting you then deal with it right away and resolve the inner issues to prevent from building up emotional garbage. Try getting a journal to express your feelings and read your resolution from time to time so that you are reminded of your goal. Visit your achievement wall as well to inspire you. Achievement wall can be a tally sheet of your daily, weekly progress when it comes to action planning, and development assessment or an actually board hanged on a wall with your achievements clipped on it. I suggest you put pictures of the places you’ve been to or proof of your achievements like if your goal is to loose weight, hang your weight card with your instructor’s signature.

Love should on no account be a burden to anyone; it should be like a sponge that absorbs the negativity and light our path. It should be the oil to keep our lamp burning; the igniter of our faith; the very reason we are still living and breathing; the reason why we are hoping to find someone who will accept the things we’ve been through and offer a lifetime of happiness. Again, happiness is a choice so if you choose to be happy with someone make sure to stand by with your choices and fight for love.

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