How To Grieve The Loss Of a Husband

Given its complexity and personal feeling, grieving is more on a personal battle. We all are unique and therefore we have different life experiences, different healing method and different ways to overcome the pain of grieving.

Understanding the stages of grief is our first step in our journey to healing. Studies identified 7 stages of grieve and here are the following:

• The state of Shock or Self Denial Stage
• The Pain and Sorrow Stage
• The stages of Deep Anger and Guilt
• The stages of Depression and Hopelessness
• The stage of Self Reflection
• The Process of elimination
• Acceptance, Moving on and Hope

Now that we understand the stages of grief we now go to the next level of moving on which is to understand the different techniques on how to battle the stress of pain and grieving.

Here are some techniques and ways to battle sorrow, pain, depression and hopelessness:
 Immerse yourself to the pain of loosing a husband and cry. Cry because of the loss and cry because of the pain your feeling. It’s never a sign of weakness but rather our body’s response towards great emotional turmoil.
 Breathe and relax if you feel stressed. Breathing always calms our senses. It gives our body time to deal with pain and heal with it together. There are a lot of relaxation techniques available on videos and books in the market and through the internet like the following:

o Yoga classes
o Moments of silence
o Meditation techniques
o Keeping silent

 Though resting and sleeping will sound weird and so hard to do because our brain is confused and processing a lot, we have to force ourselves to sleep and rest because if not we will break down. We owe it to ourselves o be healthy at all times and grieving is not enough reason to forget that.
 Never entertain negativity and weird thoughts of suicide and doing harmful things to yourself because you deserve better. There’s more to life after grieving.
 Broaden your mind and hope of things to come.
 Surround your life with positive people and happy thoughts.
 Go to church regularly and make God your companion.
 Allow yourself to unlearn the things you do by pair and learn to be independent.
 Never give up on love and loving again.

There’s a lot to learn in life. Even this saddest moment of our lives God is teaching us. He is teaching us to depend on him. He wants us to come closer to him and walk by faith. He wants us to experience life and the joys of having someone that we loved the most but he also wants us to experience the sad truth about death and move on so we can share it to the world and help others go through the process.

Life is a journey, a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the happiness and sorrow; opportunity to feel love and be loved; sorrow and pain; all we have to do is embrace the facts of life and depend on Him.

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