How To Learn English Grammar

The Importance of Correct Grammar
When we communicate with words, we use grammar. We put words into sentences, and we combine sentences into even longer essays or thoughts. Every step along the way, we make choices as to what words and punctuation we use. The wrong word, or a misplaced comma, can change the meaning of a thought entirely.

That is why grammar is important. It is the tool we have to communicate effectively. The greater our choice of words, and the more accurately our usage, the more precise we can be when we speak or write. This enables other people to understand us better without misunderstanding or misinterpretations.

Without a clear knowledge of grammar, it becomes difficult to form clear thoughts and to communicate to others. Even if we know all the right words, understanding proper grammar makes us clearer and more interesting.

In business, correct grammar is a critical communication tool. Memo and letters that adhere to the proper rules of grammar set a tone of professionalism and competent. Incorrect or poor grammar increases the possibility of misunderstanding among parties. Overall business can be negatively affected by miscommunications because it is difficult to take a business serious if it does not use proper grammar in its correspondence.

Correct grammar conveys confidence in the accuracy of what we are saying. If our words are precise, so is the thinking behind it. The way we use words is so important, most companies do not hire people who have poor oral or written skills. Whether it’s fair or not, people will negatively judge a person who cannot distinguish between there, they’re and their. In some ways, using good grammar is a sign of respect. It means you care enough about yourself, and the other person, to express yourself in the clearest way possible.
If a person does not think that grammar is important, he or she will more than likely think that many other details are unimportant. It gives the impression of overall sloppiness. It closes doors for jobs that might otherwise be open.

The rules of grammar are not arbitrary. Their very existence ensures that we communicate at the highest level possible every day of our life.

Grammar isn’t just about rules learned in a classroom. It is the method we use to communicate. If we don’t care how we communicate, people might think they know what we are talking about, but important meaning gets lost. We might as well just grunt and point.

Most of us understand that when we go for a job interview, we do not dress in jeans and T-shirt. We wear a professional suit because we know that the impression we make is important. Why would anyone dress in a suit and sound like he or she is wearing jeans and T-shirt. The way we correctly use words is as important as how we dress – and probably much more important.

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