How to Play a Warrior in Rift

Thank you for purchasing this guide! In this guide, we will introduce you to the Warrior class and all of its “souls” (called Talent Trees in World of Warcraft). This is not a mastery guide. Instead, it serves to bring you up to speed with each soul so that you will understand how to play that soul at a high level—it will teach you the basics, in other words.

Introduction to Rift Macros
In this section, we introduce you to Rift macros using an example-driven approach. We teach you how to create macros and also teaches when and when not to use macros, which can help prevent you from using them ineffectively. This section will set the stage for later sections in the guide.
Warrior Talents

In each Warrior Soul section, we examine each of the talents for that soul. We discuss, in many cases, the pros and cons of each soul, how effective that soul is in questing, dungeons, and raids, and in Player vs. Player encounters. Once you read each talent description, you will not only understand what each talent does, but how it interacts with other talents.

Warrior Abilities
In each Warrior Soul section, we examine each ability for that soul. This serves an excellent reference for Warrior abilities for the various souls. Once we have an understanding of these abilities, we then build on that understanding in the following sections.

How to Play Each Soul
In each Warrior soul section, we dedicate a section to the basic, step-by-step walkthrough of how to play that soul. We describe this process in terms of scenarios. Each scenario describes a basic rotation. We then walk through the scenario and describe each of the steps. Once you do this, you will have a firm understanding of how to play the class at a high level. You can then build on this understanding with your own experimentation with that soul.

Furthermore, we discuss any soul-specific details, tips, strategies, and concepts that apply to that soul. These sort of details add a tremendous amount of value to the guide because they required a lot of time “in the trenches”, experimenting with the soul in order to discover.
At a minimum, you can expect to learn the basic ability rotations for each soul. This sort of basic information can be surprisingly difficult to find online, which came as a huge surprise to the author!

Warrior Macros
In each Warrior soul section, we dedicate a section to showing you a handful of field-tested macros. We describe exactly what each macro does in a step-by-step fashion. These macros alone are worth the price of the guide! Studying these macros will not only provide you with working examples of macros for each soul, but also as a great framework for making your own macros.

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