How To Play Field Hockey

Field Hockey is a sport played on Astroturf which is a carpet like garment which lay on the field. Each game is played between two teams with eleven players each. The players have hockey sticks in their hands and their aim is to put the ball in the goal of the opposing team. The rule of the game is that, whichever team scores more goals is the winner. The player of opposing teams passes the ball to each other through different shots. Their aim is to put the ball in the goal of the opposing team.

The eleven players are divided in three formations the forward, defense and midfield. The forward positions are known as right wing (on extreme right), left wing (on extreme left); center forward (the player who carries the forward line).

The midfield consists of position like center midfielder, right midfielders, and left midfielders. The midfield has the job of developing the shots for the forward to score the goal. Their job is to move the action forward bringing the forward line in to play.

The defense contains players which prevent the attackers or forward line of the opposing team. Their job is to tackle the ball and pass it to the midfielders, which then pass the ball to the forwards to make a goal attempt.

The Astroturf is divided with white lines, which separate it in to different playing areas. The D is a semi circle area in front of each goal. The player has to reach this semi-circle before playing the shoot to score the goal. Another line is the center line which divides the playing field by half. This line has center point which is used to start the proceeding or the game of play.

Each team has a specialist goal keeper, who wears special garments and kit to protect themselves with the hits of the attacking players. The goal keeper’s job is to prevent the goal attempts from the opposing teams.
The rule of the field hockey is that when the ball hits the legs intentionally, then it is a foul. In case of the foul the ball possession is passed to the opposing team. Foul can be given when there is dangerous play or a raised ball is being played. When the ball is played above the waist height it is considered to be dangerous. This limit is reduced when the players are inside the D-area where they are allowed hits just the height of the backboard of the goal. In case of the foul and after considering its severity the team is awarded a penalty corner or penalty stroke.

There are three kinds of cards shown to the player who does the foul. These cards are RED CARD, YELLOW CARD and the GREEN CARD.

The green card is the least severe of the cards; it gives an official warning to the player who commits the foul. The yellow card means that the player should leave the field for about five minutes without substitution. The red card is the severest, when player is permanently excluded from the match without allowing the team any substitution.

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