How To Podcast

If you've been active online at all, you've likely heard the term “podcasting” in passing. You may be curious what it is exactly. Podcasting is a form of communication that has attracted a lot of listeners as of recently. It is a method of broadcasting that is recorded, and sharable. Anyone can release a podcast for a cheap price, and reach audiences of hundreds, if not thousands. But how can a company properly harness podcasting? It's quite simple, actually. All you need is an idea, some equipment, a website, and you can make a podcast.

Before you begin this podcasting journey, you should figure out what you want to podcast about. Choose a subject that you are either opinionated or an expert. Once you have that, the recording process is simple. Podcast production requires as much, or as little equipment as you like. Most podcasters start off by using a headset microphone and free recording software like Audacity. Others go on to use small mixers and mics. And a few of the best invest their money in the absolute best in the podcasting sphere, using sets that resemble Radio studios, and working with high quality software like Adobe Audition. The equipment certainly brings a great sense of quality, but it isn't the absolute for podcasting.

You can record using simple equipment. Then all you need is a website to host the files on. This can be your own blog, a mixture of blogs and web-hosting, or even just your personal page on services like Myspace. Once you have your content posted, you can send the RSS feed to iTunes, who will pick it up, and stream your content. And now it's available to the world. But what should you do next?

The next best thing for you to do is market the show. First, you should consider who your audience is. Find out where they go online, what are their favorite mediums, and how to get in contact with the heads of that niche. Then, Take your content, and share it with the groups and niches that share your loves and desires. Make sure that you tell shows like yours that you exist. Start by sharing marketing, and telling your listeners about other shows on yours, and the others will return the favor. Don't be afraid to post links where you can, and leave a good impression with your community. It's all about the impression you make.
Hopefully, this mixture of links, marketing and work will attract you an audience. This audience will be invested in what you do, and will help you to continue your work. And this is the final goal of any podcast. You want to attract listeners to your show, so that they can engage and converse. They will appreciate your expertise, and share it with others. And through this unique relationship, you will have the opportunity to leave an impact through both your brand, and your show. And that's why podcasting is worth doing. If you podcast, you have the chance to influence people for the better.

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