How To Run a Marathon For Beginners

Running a marathon is a great challenge and potentially major accomplishment. For some people, running an entire marathon may seem like a completely insane, impossible idea. Other people might assume that running a marathon does not require much preparation but simply a naturally ultra- strong body. However, neither belief is true, and unfortunately, such beliefs exist in abundance regarding running a marathon.

These false beliefs are what might result in the turning away of many people when they are offered to run a marathon. Therefore, it is better to eliminate them by labeling which ones are myths and which ones are actually true. For instance, the myth that running a marathon is impossible for anyone other than an Olympic athlete is completely false. With plenty of preparation and training, any average person can achieve a state of fitness in which he or she can easily complete a marathon and perhaps even come in first place!

Another false myth is the belief that only someone with an already naturally ultra- strong and overly capable body from birth can complete such a feat like finishing a marathon. This is simply not true. First of all, no one is ever born with the perfect body that can endure any kind of physical challenge. Secondly, because of this, even the most accomplished and amazing athletes must work very hard to train their bodies to be able to do the things they are known for. For instance, an Olympic runner must workout constantly to maintain his or her endurance. In the same fashion, a weight lifter must constantly lift weights and do strength training to keep building up muscle and grow stronger and able to accomplish more. Thus, with the same reasoning, a marathon runner must first go through a significant amount of training in order to be successful in running his or her chosen marathon.

Another myth that exists surrounding the category of marathon running is the thought that marathon runners, as well as runners in general, live on energy gels and power bars. This is also not true. While some runners do tend to rely heavily upon these easy, but not very natural solutions, for quick and efficient energy sources, most marathon runners acknowledge the fact that they need the natural benefits of a healthy diet and proper nutrition for their much appreciated energy boosts and general ability to run for long periods of time.
Finally, there is also the idea that anyone can run a marathon. This belief is not a myth- it is completely and utterly true. With the correct and proper preparation and training routines, paired well with a good diet that includes all the necessary nutrients and components, like complex carbohydrates and protein, any person, even the most un-fit and out of shape couch potato can finish a marathon. All this requires is for him or her to first obtain the correct mindset and become truly passionate about this goal. Then, with a bit of motivation and the necessary tips, guidelines and suggestions, this person can eventually end up running a marathon and achieving his or her dream. Though this may not necessarily prove to be an easy task, it is more than achievable by someone who truly wishes to succeed in completing a marathon.

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