How To Start a Trucking Company

Many former drivers or current drivers think about starting their own trucking business. Most will go through the company they work for, some will just strike out on their own. You can find companies now that are willing to help their drivers become owner operators and lease equipment to them. These drivers are either fed up with the way they are being treated as a company driver or just want control of the way they run. Being an owner operator can be lucrative for some drivers, but you must be persistent and diligent with your work. Opening your company is not any different from being an owner operator. Depending on the size of the company you are planning on operating, you could have one to 150 trucks and drivers for those trucks.

The trucking industry is a very lucrative business if you operate it correctly. Your company could get some that revenue if you make sure you follow the rules and regulations. The trucking industry has earned billions of dollars in profits for some companies and some owner/operators have done very well. Whatever effort you put into it, is what you get out of it. However, before you get to this point and it is just a thought, you need to make sure that this what you want to do. Starting a trucking company is just like opening any other business, but you have a lot more overhead if you intend on having trucks, trailers and inventory. Some companies do not just want to haul another company's freight, they want to be able to house it as well. So now you have to look at warehousing. You need enough room for the inventory, forklifts, and warehouse personnel. You will also have to look at whether you want other companies to come and haul your inventory out. Now you have gone from just hauling another company's freight to having someone haul yours, you've become a shipper.

Along with making the decision to start a trucking company, if you were not already familiar with the trucking industry, it would be a good thing to read up on it as much as possible. Find someone that you can ask questions, look to the internet to answer your questions. Recently, the FMCSA has changed some rules and regulations that concern the trucking industry. When you make the decision to open your company, make sure you have read up on the new rules and regulations that not only affect the drivers but the companies as well. CSA 2010 is guideline used by the Department of Transportation to keep track of accidents, tickets, inspections, log book violations, hours of service violations, company audits and any other infractions that could count against not only the driver but the company as well and should be considered when deciding to open a trucking company. If you continue to be diligent in getting as much information that you can about the trucking industry, if you are not familiar with it, and seek help from others, you can succeed and have your business thrive in this economy.

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