How To Teach The Bible To Children

Why teach the Bible to children? The Bible is important to teach to children, because what one learns in childhood stays with him the rest of this life. One can go about teaching the Bible to children in many ways, through song, through a Bible lesson, through activities, through Bible memory.

One of the most common forms of teaching the Bible to children is through the Bible lesson. In order to teach effectively, the teacher must be prepared himself. He must know the subject matter well, and, in the case of teaching the Bible, to be truly effective, he must have a personal relationship with God, the author of the Bible. Once these criteria are met, there are several things to keep in mind.

First, one must decide on the subject matter. Of course, the Bible is the subject, but the Bible has many different themes and stories. If one is teaching more than one lesson, then he will want to decide on a theme for a series of lessons. Once the topic is decided, the preparation begins.

To prepare to teach a Bible lesson, one must read the passage till he knows it very well and can tell it again in his own words. You need to think through it and how you can simplify the story to use the vocabulary that is on the level of the children you are teaching. You also should choose your visuals. Besides this, it is a good idea to practice the lesson out loud. Be sure that you not only are able to recount the events that happen in the passage, but also to draw practical conclusions about the truth that God wants these children to learn from this lesson.

When the lesson is thoroughly prepared, the next step is the presentation of the lesson. This includes such aspects as using the visuals you have prepared, being dramatic in your actions and the tones of voice you use, and communicating your excitement to the children. Involve the children in the lesson through simple questions that draw them into the story and get them thinking.

Besides teaching the Bible in an official Bible lesson or Sunday-school setting, we can and should teach the Bible to any children in our life, not only at set times, but throughout the day. This helps the children to realize that the Bible effects all areas of our life. You can teach them by example, showing them what it means to help those in need or to tithe or to give thanks even in hard situations. You can teach them how to pray by praying with them. You can talk to them about the nature you see around you and the situations you go through together.

God's Word is amazing and life transforming. When we teach the Bible, we are not just teaching an ordinary book or school subject. God's Word has great power! Our goal should be changed lives, to see the children we teach grasping God's truth mentally and putting it into practice in their lives. Sometimes we do not see immediate results, but we must remember that we are ultimately doing this for the Lord, and He is the One who will reward each one who has served Him faithfully.

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