How To Write a Paranormal Romance Novel

Would you like to expand your understanding on how to write a paranormal romance novel? If so, then check this out. The word paranormal means an event, things, phenomenon or any subject whose occurrence or idea has not and can’t be explained by the subject of science. In addition, the word romance means two people falling in love with a happily ever after story. Combine the two definitions together, and you now have a paranormal romance novel. Paranormal romance novels flood bookstores and digital media. This is the most popular and wide read genre of romance right now.

Underneath are some of the most fundamental information’s that you need to learn when writing a paranormal romance novel:
Paranormal Phenomena – A paranormal romance novel needs to have incidents or creatures that do not occur in everyday life. Most paranormal romance novel writers and authors incorporate paranormal phenomena within their characters. Examples are having heroes or heroines that are vampires or werewolves or angels.
• Paranormal romance novel writers also include unknown civilizations, Greek mythology, and the existence of legendary societies to add spice to their novels.
Intriguing Characters – A paranormal romance novel flows due to the actions of its characters. The characters give off a mysterious and intriguing aura, making the readers crave getting to know them.
• Writers of paranormal romance novel incorporate their immortal heroes and heroines with flaws and traits that make them more intriguing.
• The age of the characters in a paranormal romance novel is up to the writer
• Secondary characters, even villains, are created with mystery attached to them. However, you must never let them overpower the hero and heroine in terms of interest.

Romance – Romance is one of the main subjects for the paranormal romance novel. A paranormal romance novel romance is usually both sweet and painful.
• Most romance in paranormal romance novels include being the destined mate or loved one of the hero/heroine regardless of their mortality or immortality.
• Romance in a paranormal romance novel includes, mating, bonding, and uniting by a love making scene.
Setting or Venue – The writer of a paranormal romance novel decides where and when the setting, venue and time frame of the story should occur.
• Some paranormal romance novel writers start their stories in the distant past, leaping to the modern and present time to satisfy the plot needed for the course of the action of the story.
• Most paranormal romance novel writers chooses to incorporate the modern world in their setting, making the story feel like it is happening right now. Others create their own world, time line and setting for their romance novel.

Conflict – All paranormal romance novels have a conflict. Conflict is the problem that is needed to be resolved within the story. Many paranormal romance writers make this a turning point of the romance in the novel.
• A frequent conflict in paranormal romance novels includes the hero/heroine being doomed when his/her destined one is not found
• Other paranormal romance novel writers write conflicts about mixed species love, and immortality/mortal issues.

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