Juneau Travel Guide: 101 Places to Visit, Explore, and Experience Juneau, Alaska to the Fullest From A to Z

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Juneau, Alaska has a way with landscapes. In fact, its terrain takes on a more serious tone for those travelers looking for an easy way to access this dynamic city. The shock comes when you realize there’s never been one. Juneau is an island city that covers an impressive amount of land yet calls just over 32,000 residents it's own year-round. It’s possible to drive end to end, but that’s as far as the road goes. Those looking to make the most of their time in the capital of Alaska will have to purchase a plane ticket or find a boat to do so. Perhaps it’s the challenge of the journey that makes Juneau feel so remote and exciting. Or maybe it’s the idea that once you’re here, you're a part of a place that sits precariously between whims of nature and the charm of small-town tradition. Whatever the reason may be, it’s hard to deny that Juneau has a way with travelers.

Juneau Brings Versatility

There’s no place quite like Juneau when it comes to versatility. That rather small yet constant population of 32,000 residents inflates overnight when the summer season comes into full swing. Between the months of May and October, Juneau plays host to a variety of cruise ships that make this scenic destination a primary port of call. Across Alaska, this is an inevitable trend. As the appeal of Alaska grows, so do the number of visitors. It’s estimated that some 1.3 million tourists will make their way to the state in 2019 through cruise lines.

When you take time to consider what’s waiting beyond the Port of Juneau, it’s not hard to see why the excitement around this dazzling destination has only grown. The land is as bold and beautiful as any travel guide could ever paint it to be. Towering mountains house endless forests where bears roam and eagles leisurely take to the skies. The water that surrounds Juneau is home to pods of humpback whales and orcas that make regular appearances, much to the astonishment of those arriving from the inland states of the Lower 48 and beyond. There’s a sense that the cityscape of Juneau is a playground for nature rather than the other way around. From Mendenhall Glacier to Nugget Falls and the impressive expanse that makes up Tongass National Forest, Juneau’s natural wonders thrive in this area of Southeast Alaska that continues to captivate travelers from near and far.

June Brings the Rain

When in Juneau, do yourself a favor and don’t forget your raincoat. Rainy days in southeast Alaska far outnumber sunny ones and while it might seem that this would repel those with a passion for warmer weather, this is a city that makes mist look magical. As the fog and rain roll in, the mountains and sea take on a steely demeanor that remains mysteriously peaceful. The cries of seagulls and the low rumble of boats in the harbor can quickly make you forget why you ever loathed that plastic parka that’s come in so handy.

Juneau, Alaska has a way of lingering long after you’ve left. There are many stories of travelers who made their way here only to be caught up in the unspeakable beauty of it all. Once they saw just how balanced life lived next nature could be, they never turned back. It’s worth a visit this direction if only to see what all this talk of enchantment is about.

If you want to learn more about this topic, then visit www.howexpert.com/juneauguide.

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