Monarch Butterfly 2.0: 101 Reasons to Love Our Favorite Orange and Black Butterfly From A to Z

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Whether you need to learn about the monarch for school and do a book report or you are a butterfly lover and want to know more about the beautifully delicate but awesomely strong monarch butterfly, you will love how this book takes you through every aspect of the monarch’s life. Then I’m hoping it will make you feel for their plight and want to do something to help keep them around for the next generations.

Many hours of research have been put into this book to dig up not so well known gems about the monarch to share with everyone. Below are some of them you will read about.

You will learn why the monarch butterflies are the most well-known in North America.

You will learn how to tell the difference between a monarch and a viceroy and how to tell the male monarch from the female.

Even though bees do most of the pollination, you will learn why the monarch does a lot of pollinating that the bees can’t do.

Learn about the monarch’s metamorphosis and why it is one of the greatest wonders on earth. It will explain each of the four stages of the egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, and the adult butterfly.

You will learn how different generations of the monarch’s have different life spans.

Most people know how the monarch flies thousands of miles to Mexico every year for the winter but do you know what towns the monarchs that live west of the Rockies migrate to?

Learn what the great-grandchildren of the generation that goes to Mexico are able to do.

Do you know why the monarch is poisonous to some of its predators?

The book will explain why monarch butterflies are disappearing by the billions.

Learn how scientists calculate how many monarchs have disappeared in the past 25 years?

You will learn what is happening to the caterpillar’s favorite food and habitat.

This book will explain what the “Butterfly Effect” is and how it can affect our food if we don’t have butterflies.

Several organizations and people have been working hard to help the monarch. Learn who some of these famous people are and what they and others have been doing in an effort to save the monarch.

You get to pick one of the 11 things listed that you can do to keep the monarch from becoming an endangered species.

Learn what a waystation is and how building one can help the monarch butterflies.

Learn about the fun you could have raising butterflies at home to help increase their population.

At the end of the book is a list of where to go to see the monarchs while they are hibernating and where you can go to sit among and see exhibits on the monarch and other butterflies.

You will learn practically everything there is to know about the monarch and hopefully will gain a new respect for what these little beauties can do and why we need them in our life.

Happy Reading!

Jessica Dumas

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