Overcoming Social Anxiety: How a Once Shy Girl Overcame Social Anxiety through Self Love and Natural Social Skills

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A natural introvert, Robyn McComb shares her journey from the shy girl hiding behind her mom’s leg to a social butterfly who is comfortable in her own skin. She takes the reader on a journey starting in childhood and ending with the present, where she divulges many lessons she learned that helped her overcome intense social anxiety. While Robyn has always been shy, she has learned that introversion is different from shyness and that there is nothing wrong with being quiet.

Robyn spent most of her youth being homeschooled, which deprived her of many crucial social skills. But she gained these skills back by working as a waitress and studying Shotokan karate. After graduating high school, she went to New Mexico State University, where she became overwhelmed by the party hard lifestyle of the campus.

After enduring several tragedies, Robyn received a PTSD diagnosis. This made her struggles more intense. But she didn’t let that stop her. She moved to San Antonio, TX, for a fresh start, where she became involved in modeling, jumped out of an airplane, and enjoyed many other great adventures. After returning to her home state of New Mexico, she commenced her college studies and her work toward making lasting friends.

Through her experiences, Robyn is able to show the reader many practical ways to grow and develop social skills, in order to fake being outgoing. She also shows the reader how to stop faking it and learn to embrace his or her own unique personality without shame when ready. She vividly paints the reality of being shy and the pain of social anxiety, in contrast to the richness of a more self-accepting, self-loving attitude. This book will teach you to become your best self based on your own experiences and basic facts of reality.

Being socially anxious or shy causes you to miss out on many opportunities. Robyn reflects on how her life would be different and worse now than it is had she never stopped being so shy. This book compels you to leave old ways behind and embrace yourself for a far better experience in life. Seizing opportunities, meeting great new people, and having fun are just some of the ways you can benefit from letting go of shyness. Your career, your social life, your mental well-being, and your happiness will all soar exponentially once you start to embrace yourself.

Robyn shares the difference between introverted and shy and how you can love yourself for who you are. She shares the importance of learning and treasuring your own values and finding yourself in order to feel right in your own skin. You must never reject yourself or lie to yourself, as you are your own best friend. This lesson is the most fundamental of all.

To begin this awesome journey, start reading now and learn how to love yourself for who you are. This never comes easily, as Robyn has learned in her lifetime, but it is always the best thing.

If you want to learn more about this topic, then visit www.howexpert.com/socialanxiety1.

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