Survival Guide 2.0: 101 Survival Secrets to Be Self Sufficient, Learn Primitive Living Skills, and Survive Anywhere Independently From A to Z

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Survival isn’t a verb. It is a lifestyle, it is a mentality… It is a philosophy. Survival is dependant on you, on what you know, on the type of person you are. It is dependant on how comfortable you have let yourself get in life.

Most humans are quite pampered these days. The thought of camping doesn’t bring up images of roughing it in the woods and singing songs around a campfire. It brings up images of vehicles made specifically for camping in, campers and RVs.

There are things that you need to know if you are going to have any chance of surviving in a survival situation. Your chance of success is very dependant on what you know, and how well you know it. Someone who has no understanding of plant identification, who has not spend their spare time actually hunting for and finding specific plants to train their ability to identify that specific plant isn’t going to do too well if they try to eat plants to stay alive.

Without a proper understanding of shelter building techniques, waterproofing skills and an understanding of thermal energy, you will likely be killed by the elements. The best skill set for survival is a primitive or stone age skill set.

Stone, wood and bone are the easiest and most abundant resources available in most areas. Learning how to use these resources to create tools that will help you survive will increase your chances of survival greatly. This goes just beyond reading  a book or watching a YouTube video, however. I’m talking about actually getting out and practicing these skills, preferably in as primitive an environment as possible. In other words, out in the wilderness and not in your kitchen. Just trying things out a couple of times isn’t going to cut it. You want to aim for total mastery of every single thing you train for, every skill, every tool you learn to make and every plant you learn to identify.

When you take survival seriously, you become intimate with it, it merges into your lifestyle and molds you into a new, more primally confident person.  It is psychologically and emotionally healing and freeing.

Remember, there are some basic needs that every human has. These needs must be met, no matter what. Thankfully, nature gives these things to us freely, we just need to know where to find these gifts and how to use them.

Humans need shelter, because without it we are vulnerable to the elements and prone to sickness and disease. This shelter protects us, and it is at its very core a tool. Learning how to build a proper shelter requires making at least hundreds of the type of shelter that you are learning. Just building them isn’t enough though, you need to become intimately acquainted with each type of shelter you learn. That means you need to use it as it is intended to be used. You need to live in it for a while, at least stay in it for a day and a night or two in various weather conditions.

By getting intimately acquainted with every skill and tool that you learn you can master that skill faster. Think of it like learning a language. The most effective way to learn a language is through total immersion. Just throw yourself into the language, into a community where that language is the primary language being spoken. The same applies to survival skills. The best way to learn is to learn natively. Practice these skills out in the wilderness. Take time out of your life for some truly primitive camping. When you get to the point that you can just go anywhere with nothing but the clothes on your back and set up camp and know that you can feed yourself and provide yourself your basic needs, you will know that you are prepared.

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