Toy Photographer 2.0: How to Take Your Lego Toy Photography to the Next Level

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Even though toy photography is not as famous as its brothers and sisters, it has been around longer than one might expect. With the internet and social media getting into our lives more and more each day, toy photographers from all around the world has started to pop up. Some of these individuals were already into photography, while some were just beginners, taking a picture here, another there with their phones. No matter their origins, or their knowledge on the subject, there was one thing common to all of them: They loved toys.

Toy photography is not just a creative outlet, it’s also a way of getting away from the stress of daily life and go back to your childhood. When we played with our toys as children, we all made up stories for them. This one was the bad guy, this one came in to rescue the princess and so on. With toy photography, not only you have the chance to visit those memories, but also capture them. You can re-create the worlds they lived in, or give them new ones. Take them with you when you go outside or travel, and see the city through their eyes.
Listen close enough, and each one will have a story to tell.

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