52 Marathons in 52 Weeks

At first glance, the eBook, “52 marathons In 52 Weeks: How to Run a Marathon Every Week For a Year” by Karl Gruber, may seem to represent a very small niche community of runners, and people interested in the topic. Nothing could be further from the truth, as the popularity of running numerous marathons on a regular basis, and running longer and longer distances non-stop, has seen exponential growth over the last two decades. Gruber himself accomplished the feat of running 52 marathons in 52 weeks from May 5, 1996 to April 27, 1997, and writes authoritatively on the subject, offering expert guidance on how to go about running a marathon every week for a year yourself. His first-hand knowledge and experience of successfully accomplishing what at first seems to be an impossible running feat, expertly explains in practical terms, that it really is doable. In this book you will learn how to deal with and prepare for the stresses – physically and mentally – of running 26.2 miles/42.2 kilometers, every week for 52 straight weeks. Whether you choose to do your year of marathoning for your own satisfaction, or for a cause or charity, the author shows you what steps you need to deal with such as proper nutrition, logistics of travel, setting up your race schedule, dealing with critics, and naysayers, and even what to do with your pet and home while you are off running for a year. You will also find a 26 week long training program that the author used himself in preparing for the rigors of running a year of marathons. Using his own experiences from his year of running 52 marathons, you will also learn just what is needed to become a successful member of what is (unofficially) called Cub 52/52. He teaches you to first create a mission statement to help focus on your purpose and mission for the coming year of running. Plus you will find a long list of the runners who have paved the way for future mass marathoners – from Jay Helgerson, who is the first person on record to run 52 marathons in 52 weeks, to Dean Karnazes, one of the most famous of all modern ultra runners. Perhaps the most important thing you will gain from reading this book, as a potential member of Club 52/52, is that you will gain practical knowledge and understanding of how to go about training, preparing, and accomplishing your goal of running a marathon every week for one year. This book, written by a runner who has done it himself, will give you confidence that it is possible to really run 26.2 miles once a week for an entire year. One of the realities of being on the road for a year of running marathons is dealing with injuries, and just simply enduring the occasional drudgery of it all, and Gruber offers up a chapter on these topics to get you to that finish line of your 52nd marathon. Look no further for your expert guidance on how to run multiple marathons in a year than, “52 Marathons In 52 Weeks: How to Run a Marathon Every Week For a Year” by Karl Gruber.

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