Affordable Country Life 101

Rural is the opposite of urban. Neighbors are far apart and there are more trees than houses. Most of the land is farmland. The towns have low populations and are separated by forests.
In other areas, the houses are spaced out. But there is desert or swamp in between.

Rural Living
Rural living refers to a country life of local produce and country crafts. There are many other elements of living in the country.
• Bike Trails
• Cleaning Schedule
• Local Produce
• Homemade Cleaners
• Country Crafts
• Hunting

Bike Trails
Rural areas have many bike trails to ride upon. They are easy to find and free to use. Towns pay to maintain these trails. It is a cheap hobby that will increase health.

Cleaning Schedule
A proper cleaning schedule is key to keeping the home clean. Country homes must stay free of insects and parasites. The houses also require spring-cleaning to remove soot from the home.
Stick to the cleaning schedule to lower stress. When done often, the chores don’t build. Health will also improve with a weekly house cleaning.
Local Produce
It is cheap and easy to obtain. This is a perk of country living. The food is pesticide free. The buyer is able to see the producer of the food. Finding where to buy local produce is simple to learn.

Homemade Cleaners
These are cleaners made cheap and at home. Some regular household items make better cleaners than store-bought cleaners. Others can be found in the forest and combined to make the house sparkle.
Why use these instead of store-bought? These are less dangerous and save money. Will the house be clean? Homemade cleaners kill germs better than bleach and disinfectants. They also don’t cause skin or lung damage when using.

Country Crafts
Cheap activities to do while living in a rural area are crafts. Bike trails are fun for a nice day. However, there are days of rain and snow. This makes a great time to do a craft indoors.
Some items can be collected year-round and used on a rainy day. Other, like basket materials, change by season.

Most people think of hunting as a concept in a movie. In reality it is done for sport, but more commonly for food. There are many animals that it is legal to hunt. Regions determine the amount and which animals can be shot for sport or food.
This also requires skills and licenses. Moving to a rural area will provide ample time to hone the skills. It is also a way to socialize and learn the lands.

More Information
There are many places to look up the above topics. They are scattered throughout the Internet. Some books cover part of the required knowledge of rural living. Most books forget to include money saving tips.
A great resource of this information is available. “Rural Living with Low Income” covers everything. It explains hunting, herbs, homemade cleaning products, and more.

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