Anti-Bullying 101

When you are trying to rise above a situation that you are struggling with, you may think it’s counterproductive to dream. I understand – when we think of dreaming, we may think of how we walk around with our heads in the clouds, unaware of reality. Some people think that dreaming is essentially like living in a world that does not truly exist.
But when you dream, you achieve. In my book, How To Rise Above Bullying and Game Change, I outline precisely how dreams help uplift us. For instance, dreams help us release serotonin, which aids in increasing our mood and productivity.
I’ll give you an example – when I was being bullied, it was easy for me to focus on my environment, which was inherently negative; if I were so focused on the negative energy that my surroundings gave me and the bullies that existed in them, I would have never come to be where I am.
After realizing that focusing on my surroundings was draining me, I decided to take action – because I was a tween and did not know what the first step was, I decided to dream. In these dreams, I saw vivid images of the person I wanted to be – I was confident, I was powerful, and I was bully-free. I was achieving. Specifically, I dreamed about what it would be like to have a career in public service and running my own organization to bring about change for people who need help overcoming bullying; this was a dream that I had when I was just 12 years old and whenever I felt unsafe in my environment, I pictured this exact dream happening to me. I even thought about the settings, what I would look, and what I would be wearing all to make it more real.
When I started to dream, I discovered that my life was beginning to slowly change: little by little, I started shifting my perspective on my life from a negative one to a positive one; suddenly, as if it was like magic, my life started to become more positive. My life started to look just like my dreams. Interestingly enough, those specific details that were a part of the dreams I had became elements present in my reality.
Ever since then, if I really wanted something to happen, I just dream about it. Even if the goal I want to achieve doesn’t happen on my ideal timeline, I eventually get there.
I want to teach you how to do the same – rising above bullying does not have to be just a dream. Reading my book will aid you in this journey; whether the bullying is occurring now or happened a long time ago, these negative experiences put a marking on our way of being.
By learning to let go and allowing positivity in, we rise above. We game change.
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