Au Pair 101

The travel industry is a thriving market and literally, everyone and their mother has a travel blog now a days. Social media is also a huge promoter for traveling, people from all sides of the world are posting amazing pictures of the places they discover with hashtags like #traveltheworld. However, traveling and exploring foreign countries has been a favorite pastime for many people all around the world for ages. It’s become a popular phenomenon because these days, a lot more people can enjoy traveling thanks to cheap flights, inexpensive accommodations, and diverse job opportunities aboard. Exploring new countries and traveling is indeed an adventure. Everyone should travel to a new country at least once in their life, the experience is priceless.
To travel, you can explore foreign countries in various ways, you can travel as a student, tourist, business person, backpacker, English Teacher, the list is almost endless. But, if you want to travel and finance yourself differently from the ordinary, and have a heart for childcaring, consider being an Au Pair. Being an Au Pair is an awesome way to travel and immerse yourself completely into a new and different culture. There’s just one major catch, you really must love children.
An Au Pair is a French word meaning equal to or on par. A host family welcomes the Au Pair for childcare assistance, light housework and cultural exchange. As much as you’ll be gaining cultural knowledge from your host family, they too will be learning from you. The Au Pair is considered an equal member of the family and is provided with room, food and pocket money for their service to the family.
Here is a list of things to consider and know before you decide to travel the world as an Au Pair:
1) Definition of an Au Pair
2) How to research and get started
3) Looking for an Au Pair job
4) What to look for in an Au Pair job
5) Keeping it professional as an Au Pair
6) What host families are looking for in an Au Pair
7) What should an Au Pair look for in the host family?
8) Taking care of other people’s children
9) Building a relationship with the child/children
10) Perks of being an Au Pair
11) Challenges of being an Au Pair
12) Overcoming the challenges
13) Ready to be an Au Pair?
The path to becoming and being an Au Pair comes with important steps, questions and scenarios that should be considered before taking on the role. There are a lot of perks to being an Au Pair and the best part of it all is that the journey will not be spent alone. You will become a part of a family and a joyful memory to the child/children you will care for. Yet, as with anything in life, there will be challenges. Everyone’s experience will be different but as an Au Pair, but at the end of the day, you not only gain the culture and knowledge of a new world, you also gain a family.

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