Essential Oils 101: The Quick Health and Wellness Guide with Over 100+ Natural and Affordable Homemade DIY Aromatherapy & Essential Oil Products

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The Essential Oil Use Methods

Many people have there preferred the method of using essential oils. However, as we develop a greater understanding of how essential oils should be used, we have to adapt our actions accordingly. All application methods are safe, but only when used appropriately. You don’t have to stick with only one method, and if fact using different methods together can provide positive benefits. Here is a breakdown of the 3 methods for using essential oils: Aromatic, topical, and Internal>

The Aromatic Method

The sense of smell can give one's body wonderful responses. Essential oils absorbed by the olfactory nerve very quickly. So they are especially powerful effect via the aromatic application. The easiest tool for the aromatic method is the use of diffusers. Diffusion uses cold air or water to allow for essential oils to be dispersed into the air. Though it is important to keep in mind that using essential oils aromatically doesn't need a special device. You can get the same benefits by putting some drops on a pillow or even in your hand and breathe deeply.

The Topical Method

This method is very effective for applying essential oils. Because essential oils d are lipid soluble, they are easily absorbed into the skin, and after it is absorbed thy stay in the area that they were actually absorbed into. Essential oils already absorb really fast, but there are ways to make it even faster. One way is to massage the essential oils into your skin. This gets the blood flowing and causes an even distribution across the area you rubbed into. Another method is using what is called a carrier oil. Some common carrier oils are coconut oil. avocado oil, or olive oil. They are great for absorption of essential oils, they can also help with moisturizing dry or flaky skin faster. To dilute essential oils into carrier oils is 1 part essential oil to 3 parts carrier oil.

The Internal Method

Taking in essential oils internally is a fantastic way to get the benefits of essential oils. The most important thing to consider is to always look at the labels on your essential oils. They have to be food grade, pure essential oils in order to digest them. Essential oils taken internally gives you the opportunity to explore different flavorings for your food as well They are also are concentrated and used as dietary supplements. These dietary supplements give you potent and targeted health-related benefits.  When we ingest essential oils that enter our bloodstream from our GI tract pretty quickly and getting essential oils in your bloodstream means you will receive the benefits all over your body, even your brain. This is a wonderful benefit which makes the method of taking essential oils a really attractive method.

No matter which method or combination of methods you choose, do so carefully so that you can get the results that you want for both yourself and all the people you love.

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