Montenegro Travel Guide: Discover, Experience, and Explore Montenegro?s Beaches, Beauty, Cities, Culture, Food, People, & More to the Fullest From A to Z

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Where the country is called Wild Beauty? Why it has so dramatic history of which people are proud of? What is the sunniest city in Montenegro? How is it possible to get from mountains high in the North of the county to the sea in a few hours? How to explore the most beautiful fjord in Europe or have an adrenaline rush in Canyon Nevidio? Why is Cetinje a city-museum and where is Balkan Ibiza? What this country has to offer to visitors? Any useful information or local tip? Did you know that Montenegro doesn’t have McDonald's? Did you know that one of the biggest natural lakes is actually situated in this small country?

Whenever someone decides to travel to Montenegro this book will provide the right wealth of answers. Those who travel for the first time will find out almost all the information. Those who return to this country will find what they have missed, unknown, undiscovered.

When a person travels, normally all information is available on the internet. There are so many printed Travel Book Guides, there are a lot of websites, agencies, which mostly give the same information. This book is distinguished by the fact that it was written first and foremost with love, by the expert and the author who covered all aspects of the topic in balanced fashion. You are given a chance to discover Montenegro in all details, Montenegrin people and their attitude, find out tips and tricks for easier and more comfortable stay.
The book has given an answer to all the questions in the title. Where is Montenegro, its history, and culture, how to get there? How to explore places, decide on a hotel, beach or restaurant. Where to find adventure and where to spend a romantic vacation. What if someone is traveling with a family? What are the specialties of food in Montenegro? What is an eco-vacation? What are the specifics of northern Montenegro? On these and many other questions, the author gives precise answers plus extra advice and recommendations.
The book is structured in an interesting way, telling the story from the beginning to the end, so the reader, who does not intend to travel to Montenegro, may be interested and know almost everything about the country. On the other hand, many useful tips that a traveler can only bribe from the local population are selflessly displayed in the book. The main intention while writing the book was not to make an ordinary touristic guide – but to provide people with answers to all of the questions that they might have and are not able to find them easily.

Montenegro is a small country in Southeastern Europe, a hidden gem full of natural and wild beauty – a place that leaves everyone breathless, place on Earth where even Montenegrin people discover day by day more treasures of their country.

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