How To Make Handmade Jewelry

Want to jump right in to jewelry making?

Knotting can add a different effect to your jewelry. Depending on the material being used, it can add a natural or outdoorsy feel. Remember to experiment and see where you are most comfortable and what you find to be the most appealing to you and others.
I add beads to my knotted jewelry all of the time. I think beads really bring a piece to life. If you like the idea of adding something to your pieces but don’t feel beads are your style, experiment with different things like buttons, sequins or even trinkets. The key to making jewelry is to be creative. If you have a recurring theme in your jewelry, try new ways to emphasize this theme and branch out.

Sequins are the perfect item to incorporate into your jewelry. They sparkle, come in every shade of color and shape, and are pretty inexpensive. But how do you actually incorporate them? You can use them as charms by putting them on a jump ring. This is the technique you will probably mostly be using. It’s the simplest, easiest, way and it ensures the sequin is in full view.

When you work with sequins remember that they aren’t quite as durable as beads and other frequently used items. When it comes to sequins you have to have a little bit of patience, if you aren’t careful you might fold them. When they are folded over it causes a crease to form and it doesn’t always sit right afterwards.

Clay can be a very valuable resource when making your own jewelry. It is pliable so you manipulate it into your desired shape and then bake it so it then becomes hard. It can also be painted to add color, or bought in colors to save you time. An important tip when working with clay is that you may want to seal your piece for added strength. In fact, while it is not required, I highly recommend that every piece you finish that includes clay be sealed.
There is also a type of clay that turns to metal (metal clay is available in gold, silver, bronze, and copper) once it has been baked and brushed with a metal bristle brush. This can be quite useful when you want to create your own metal rings or pendants. However there is a downside: you can only work with small parts and it costs a pretty penny for the kit. If you would like more information on Metal Clay visit scroll down and click on metal clay on the left side of the screen under Jewelry

Remember to be unique. Making things you’ve seen before is okay but it is much more rewarding to make something you designed yourself. You don’t need to make a really intricate piece of jewelry, you can make a really simple necklace and it turn out awesome just because it is different. Above all remember to enjoy yourself and have fun!

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