How to Make Hemp Earrings

Hemp jewelry is made using a series of knots. There are countless different knots that you can use to make beautiful jewelry. You can also add different kinds of beads, shells, buttons, feathers, or other adornments to make your jewelry even more beautiful and unique.

Nevertheless, hemp jewelry making is not very difficult. All you really need to know how to do is the square knot. The square knot is a very basic and easy knot that you can learn in a matter of seconds. Once you knot this knot, you will be able to create hemp jewelry! From there on, you can learn other more complicated knots.
To make a square knot, you first need to separate your threads so that you have two on the outside (we will call those knotters) and two on the inside (we will call those carriers). Now you’re ready to begin your knot. Follow these simple steps to create a perfect square knot:

1. Take your left thread and lay it across the carriers and the other knotter. This forms a right angle.
2. Take the right knotter and place it over the right angle that you just made with your left knotter.
3. Pull the right knotter under the left knotter and the two carriers and pull it up through the loop made by the left knotter.
4. Now pull the two ends of your knotters tight. You will get a knot that is square in shape.
5. For your next knot, you want to start with your right knotter. Repeat the process listed above, but on the opposite side.
6. As you make your piece, alternate which knotter you start with. If you don’t do this, you get the spiral knot, which can also be a lovely knot to make your jewelry with.

You can use square knots to seal off pieces at the end and beginning. You will also be able to use this knot to make entire pieces. The spiral knot is just square knots created with a knotter from the same side. If you start on the left repeatedly, your spiral will tend toward the left. If you repeatedly start with the right knotter, you will get a spiral that tends toward the right.
See how easy that is? This one simple knot can make up the entirety of your piece of jewelry. It can also let you create other knots, such as the spiral knot. Using the square knot to tie off your piece and hold beads or other adornments in place is also possible. All you really need to know is the square knot and you are on your way to making beautiful hemp jewelry!

Hemp jewelry making is supposed to be fun. So take it easy on yourself. Start with the square knot and keep it simple. Worry about more complex knots when you get the square knot down and have more confidence.

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