How To Make Hemp Jewelry

Because hemp grows just about anywhere, with little tending necessary, it is a plant whose resources have been realized all over the world. To the ancients, hemp could be thought of as a saving grace. A plant with so many uses would certainly never go unnoticed. It has been used for food, fuel, medicine, paper and fiber, among other things. The fiber of course, is used to make many things, including jewelry.

Hemp jewelry is just as popular now as it has ever been in the past. For thousands of years, hemp jewelry and accessories have adorned people from all walks of life, from the very rich to the very poor. Throughout the ages hemp has even been found on animals for décor and identification purposes, on ships as rope and decor, and within the homes of people as plant hangers, hammocks, furniture, tapestries and many other things.

The era most of us are familiar with that showcases the popularity of hemp jewelry is the 1960s and 1970s. Hemp was very trendy in this time, finding itself within the homes of even the most modern and chic. Today, hemp is making a huge comeback, especially within the realm of sculpting. Macramé is rightfully gaining its status as a true art.

Though the styles and tastes of people have changed through the ages, the methods of making the jewelry and other such adornments from hemp have remained mostly the same. It is a series of knots and/or weaving to produce a pattern, or a geometric pattern known as macramé. In past centuries, the art of macramé was referred to by sailors as square knotting, because that is mostly what they did. To the present day, the square knot is still the most common knot used in hemp jewelry. The square knot alone can be used to create hundreds, possibly thousands of styles of jewelry.

For those who want to learn to make jewelry, hemp is great material to start out with. Macramé is a fun craft for people of all ages and backgrounds. Children and teenagers especially love to craft hemp jewelry. The jewelry is very durable and lasts for years, due to the incredible strength of the hemp cord, even after getting wet multiple times. Hemp is a very inexpensive material to work with, and is widely available almost anywhere in the world. It comes in many different sizes, colors and qualities making it extremely versatile. Add beads to the mix for even more variety.

The techniques for making hemp jewelry are quite simple and can be learned very quickly, though the process of actually making the jewelry can take a little time. The hemp jewelry maker can find a variety of projects, all of which can be tailored to the maker’s individual taste. Each knot and technique creates a vastly different look, making the choice of styles virtually endless. Each piece of jewelry that is created is quite unique, and each a presentation of the artist’s talent and skill.

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