How To Oil Paint

You are creative if you have come to this guide, so learn to paint in the oil medium. Discover the amazing results you can get with oil painting. Become skilled when it comes to colors and oils. Get the knowledge to create amazing oil paintings in no time.

Here are some highlights from this amazing guide:
• History -Get to know the history of oil painting.
• Understand the materials needed for oil painting

When you start painting with oils and enter an art store, there is so much to choose from. How can you paint without having the knowledge of the tools you need for painting? Understand what to get and how to get it. Learn about the variety of painting materials available. With the help of this knowledge you can buy wisely for your painting.

Oil Paints – different oil paints and their use is explained in detail so that you can pick up the best possible oil paints for yourself. Creating more colors from just three colors is explained in simple terms.

Turpentine Oil/Linseed Oil – it is important to get to know which oil to use for which purpose.

Wooden Board – it is important to get a supporting surface for your painting, and which one to get is explained in detail.

Masking Tape – to stick the paper to the surface to paint on is necessary, read the guide to learn more!

Canvas/Cardboard Paper/Hard Sheet – which surface to paint on, and why is it important to get different surfaces? The answers are explained in this section.

Brushes, preferably Flat brushes – it is important to get the right type of brushes for painting. Get the knowledge of which brushes to buy and how.

Palette – something is required to mix paints in, and for this purpose palettes are used but which palettes are used for oil painting? Learn all the details.

Container – artists need to put their brushes and oil into something, and for this reason cups and glass etc. can be used.

Knives – oil painting is done with the help of brushes and knives. The explanation of their use is given in this section.

Cloth – rags are required to wipe off excess oil.
Basic Stationary – as an artist you should always have a pencil, eraser, and sharpener with you so that you can compose anything you want to.

• Get skilled at mixing colors, understand the color wheel
• Learn how to make compositions interesting
• The Elements of art and design are demonstrated
• Principles of art and design are demonstrated
• Learn about different techniques

Different painting techniques will be learned with the help of understanding and following the step by step guide to paint different paintings.

Under painting – step by step guide and secrets to make the best out of this technique are revealed.

Glazing – step by step guide and secrets to make the best out of this technique are revealed.

Paintography – step by step guide and secrets of combining photographs and paintings are demonstrated so that you can make the best out of this technique.

Scumbling – step by step guide and demonstration to make the best out of this technique are revealed.

Impasto – create something different by using paint and brush strokes.

Alla Prima – learn to create beautiful paintings and learn the secrets to complete paintings in minutes.

Sgraffito – step by step guide and secrets to make the best out of textures.

With the help of step by step technique demonstrations, you can learn oil painting in an effective way. This guide is for people who want to paint in oils. Learners can make oil painting a way to relieve their stress, make paintings for the home and develop their skills to the level that they can create masterpieces of their own.

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