How To Use Microsoft Excel 2010

Microsoft Excel 2010 is launched with the aim to analyze, manage and share information in numerous flexible ways that can guarantee the better and improved decision making in almost all study disciplines like health, engineering, business, statistics, etc.

Here is the summarized introduction of some of coolest features and tools of Excel 2010:
• Improved Tables and Data Filters: Data is organized in the columns and rows in Microsoft Excel worksheets that make it quite easier to analyze and sort massive amount of data in no time.
• Sparkline: One of the most stimulating features of Excel 2010 is the use of miniature charts that can easily fit inside a worksheet cell. They aid a lot in making the firsthand data analysis.
• Data Paste Preview Tool: Microsoft Excel 2010 is packaged with numerous paste preview special features that offer extensive convenience in data editing.
• Conditional Formatting: An advantageous improvement is Excel 2010 features is the amendment of conditional formatting tool. The new and updated version of conditional formatting tool enables the users to create in-cell charts based upon inserted value in the cell.
• File Menu tab: Microsoft office 2010 has replaced the office button of its 2007 version with File tab menu in its all applications including Excel that is flawless to use.
• Charts: User can directly access all categories of charts from the Insert tab menu inside the Excel 2010. All the three chart contextual tabs i.e. Design, Layout and Format tab facilitates the user to makes the chart more presentable.
• Format As Table: Microsoft Excel 2010 offers many built-in table styles to make over the user data in professionally look tables. The Format as Table also makes it easier to sort, format or filter the data with minimum chances of errors.
• Auto-Fill Data: Instead of typing a long list of data manually, Microsoft Excel 2010 permits the user to get benefit of its auto-fill tool.
• Data Sorting: Generally, It is quite difficult to sort the numerous data values in a specific order. But Excel 2010 Data Sorting feature helps astonishingly to sort long arrays with just few clicks.
• Ribbon Menus: The Excel 2010 is equipped with ribbon tab menu interface for benefitting the user to flexibly access its features and make most of them.
• Live Preview: Live preview feature gives a preview of particular formatting on the selected data before applying it. This feature works with all Font size, Font Style and all the theme galleries. The user simply needs to place the mouse pointer on the thumbnails of particular gallery item to make an overview of its effect on the selected cell data.
• Formulas & Functions: Microsoft Excel 2010 performs calculation with formulas and functions. There around more than 300 function in Excel 2010 to perform the calculation of statistics, financial, engineering tasks.
• Worksheet Formatting: Microsoft Excel 2010 also works with the same set of standard formatting tools of all the applications of Microsoft Office like Font Color, Font Size, Border Line, Under Line, Text Alignment, Cell Shading, etc. to format the worksheets.
• Printing the Worksheet: Microsoft Excel 2010 offers smart printing options like Page layout, Page Orientation, etc. to print a professionally and standardized hardcopy of worksheet data.

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