How To Use Microsoft Powerpoint 2010

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 is recognized globally for creating multimedia presentations, not only for professionals but also for ordinary users such as students.

The features and techniques of Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 are discussed here to give their concise introduction:
Improved and Advanced Design Theme Options: The current version of Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 is packaged with more advanced and featured Design Themes.
Slide Layout: Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 offers nine different types of slide layouts to outline the presentation.
Better Quality Illustrations: The Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 application program offers different types of illustrations like shapes, smart shapes and charts to make presentations more convincing and attractive.
Table: Data organized in the form of a table is more evocative as compared to plain text. Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 also offers the Table tool to insert tables in your presentations.
Theme Formatting Options: Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 also enables the user to make changes to the built-in themes. You can change the theme color combination, graphical effect and font style combination in a few simple steps.
File tab: The Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 office button is changed with the File tab of Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. It is quite convenient to use.
Data Paste Preview Tool: Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 offers a new advanced paste preview tool with an extensive range of different options for data editing purposes.
Tab Menus: the Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 is designed on a tab menu interface theme that is flexible to have access towards different features and tools.
Live Preview Feature: the live preview feature enables the user to see the effect of some specific formatting before actually applying it. It works well with Font size, style, theme and other gallery tools.
Master Slide: The master slide tool is used to apply the standard combination of formatting to all the slides of the presentation. It is quite handy to apply the formatting at once rather than applying the same formatting commands for every single slide.
Printing the Presentation: With Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, you can print the outline of the presentation, print the speaker notes, and can also print handouts for the audience to keep them more focused on the presentation subject and contents.
Password Protection: Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 also works with the password protection feature to limit unauthorized or illegal access to the presentations.
Cascade and Arrange All option: The cascade and Arrange All windows options are used to arrange the slides either side by side or back by back. This feature enables the user to work simultaneously on multiple slides.

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