How To Use Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft Word 2010 is a globally recognized application program for creating a wide range of multi-purpose documents. The dominant commands, tools, features and techniques allow the user to create, edit, format and even customize documents with great ease and comfort.

Here, are the main tools and features of Microsoft Word 2010:
• Enhanced and Advanced Design Template Suit: Microsoft Word 2010 is packaged with an advanced and high-tech design template suite for creating multi-purpose documents such as business cards, certificates, resumes, financial reports, etc.
• Data entering and editing techniques: Microsoft Word 2010 allows the user to make use of a variety of text entry, text selection and editing/modification alternatives. The user can generate commands with keyboard keys shortcuts, the mouse, and from the tab menus.
• Superior Quality Illustrations: The Microsoft Word 2010 application program allows the user to insert different types of illustrations to their document file such as shapes, smart shapes and charts to make their document more presentable.
• Table: Tabular form text is much more understandable compared to simple typed text paragraphs. Microsoft Word 2010 offers a Tables tool for inserting information inside the document in an organized form.
• Text Formatting Tools: Microsoft Word 2010 allows the user to format text arrays according to his or her needs by using tools like bold, italic, underline, font color, font, etc.
• File tab: In Microsoft Word 2010, the Office button of Microsoft Word Version 2007 is replaced with a File tab that is accessible to use.
• Text Paste Preview Feature: Like other application programs, Microsoft Word 2010 also supports an advanced paste preview tool with different options used for data editing purposes.
• Tab Menus: Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 is designed with the same tab menu interface theme of Microsoft Word 2007. This is handy to have quick access to different features and tools.
• Live Preview Feature: The live preview feature works with almost all formatting tools to show the user the effect of different formatting option alternatives before actually applying it to selected text.
• New and Amazing WordArt: The advanced WordArt offered in Microsoft Word 2010 lets the user make over their text with innovative and cool formats.
• Ligature Tool: Microsoft Word 2010 has also offered a new ligatures tool to allow characters to share their common components. The characters after ligatures formatting are recognized individually by the system and their respective font.
• Picture Background Removal: The background removal feature of Microsoft Word 2010 allows the user to remove an unwanted background from the image.
• Artistic Effect: The artistic effect tool also aids the user in making over images with different exciting and fancy artistic patterns.
• Built-In Styles: Microsoft Word 2010 is also packaged with a predefined style gallery to apply quick formatting to different files and text contents.
• Automatic Table of Content Tool: In Microsoft Word 2010, the automatic table of contents not only provides the opportunity to have a quick glance at the order/sequence of all the document contents/sections, but it also enables the user to have quick access to a particular file section with a single click.

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