How To Write a Contemporary Romance Novel

If you want to learn how to write a contemporary romance novel then test this out. The word contemporary means modern; in other words, it is a romance set in the present time. Contemporary romance novels are books that saturate the shelves of different bookstores and are popular reading material from all over the world.

Below is some of the most vital information that you need to study when writing a contemporary romance novel:

Genre and Subgenre – Contemporary romance novels have vast classifications in which one can write.
• Genre and subgenre have been classified depending on the word length and degree of sexual explicitness the writer decides to do
• Genre and subgenre depend on what lifestyle, attributes or characteristics the novel must have; these make them fit into a certain classification.

Setting – A contemporary romance novel setting is probably the easiest and most common setting for first-time authors.
• Contemporary romance time frames are now; it is happening and occurring the same time the reader is reading the novel.
• The place where events take their course of action is the normal environment in everyday life. Most contemporary romance writers set their story in places they have been or currently reside.

Characters – Contemporary romance novel characters are people which one can meet in all walks of life. Authors of various contemporary romance novels have written their characters like everyday people.
Most contemporary romance novel characters can be found at work. They can be working men, working women, or the high and mighty in the society.
• Writers of contemporary romance novel give their characters distinct traits in order to let them fit in the genre or subgenre of the contemporary romance novel they are writing.

Plot – Plot is the contemporary romance novel flow or theme of the story. Most contemporary romance novel writers write about two ordinary people meeting and falling in love.
• A lot of contemporary romance novel writers write about two people who have fallen in and out of love. They were lovers somewhere along the road and parted ways due to some differences. Later, they will meet again, overcome their differences and live their happily ever after romance.
• Contemporary romance novels also include plots where hate at first sight is the moving point for the plot. The lead has a reason to want to avenge himself or herself against the other party. Later, he or she will have his or her revenge only to realize that what he/she did was wrong. Trying to make up for the wrongdoing, it will lead for love to bloom and to a happy ending.

Conclusion – The contemporary romance novel always concludes in a happy ending. This should be written wonderfully so that the readers will be fully satisfied after reading the novel.
• The contemporary romance novel’s main aim is to provide romance. Remember, romance is about a happy ending for your lead characters.
• If it will not lead to a happy ending, then the novel should not be considered a romance. A contemporary romance novel is like a fairytale story set in the modern world.

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