How To Write a Love Poem

The first step is to understand that love poetry is a way to relate feelings to the art of words. It is the skillful use of words to bring ideas about feelings and emotions to a reader. One important skill is to be able to capture an image. This should be done in as few words as possible and it can also be done very effectively at the beginning of the writer's manuscript such as in the opening lines or first stanza. Love can mean many things in addition to romantic love such as love of a place, a people, or a nation; It can be love of people for various reasons. Relationships, friendships, and family are examples of love. There are unique and special bonds of love between parent and child. All of these forms of love can be the subject of a love poem. Once the image is captured there are choices for the writer to make: to rhyme, use a poetry form; use free verse, use images, or develop a metaphor so that some few words will stand for something much larger in scope. Other forms of poetry are song lyrics, Rap, and spoken poetry. These all have in common the idea of combining rhythm and words. These are even more special talents, to do blend music and/or rhythms into poetry.
Poetry can be rhymed or not (end rhyme), it can be rhymed within the lines. It can be written in one of more than fifty types of form poetry. It can use imagery- words that describe the elements of things around us; such as those words and phrases that illustrate the beauty or aspects of physical things. It can use a metaphor- a word to represent something in a way the reader can see and remember easily.

There have been many great poets who wrote love poetry. Pablo Neruda, E.E. Cummings, Langston Hughes, Federico Lorca are among the more famous. Many people who read poetry extensively may have a large number of favorite poets and poems; this is a valuable thing to a writer too. Ideas about how to write a love poem come easily from the works of the great masters of the past.

Love exists between people and is created by them, when someone dies – as we all must- love can change and go on. This is a very important aspect of love poetry the power to nurture memories. In this way the memory inspires the poetry. Inspiration can come from many sources, from many types of experiences. Inspiration may be drawn from the works of other poets. One can acquire favorite poets and poems and when we write we find these ideas, styles, or other parts we admire reflected in our work. One can be more deliberate and write after a particular poet’s style of poetry. Inspiration can come from the classics, from legends, legendary personalities- heroes, leaders, giants of history.

Love poetry and the love of such poetry can add a great deal to anyone’s life and experiences. In the end it may be nothing more than a projection of something within us, but it is a wonderful way to share and express that important part of who we truly are.

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