Vintage Wedding 101: How to Plan an Authentic Vintage Wedding from Start to Finish with Love, Grace, and Style

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Vintage Weddings 101 is an excellent resource for the couple planning a wedding who want to do something different and take their event to the next level. There are vintage inspired weddings where they set out mason jars and some rickety old wood chairs, throw some suspenders on the men and maybe throw some pearls and feathers on the bridesmaids.

Then there are gorgeous, glamorous events that are classic, stylish and different from affairs most of your guests may have attended yielding beautiful photos you’ll treasure forever. The kind of pictures where people gasp and say “My word, you look like my grandmother when she was your age!” Trust us, that’s a compliment! We’ve got nothing against mason jars but would suggest that doing a little historical research might yield some incredible inspiration and Vintage Weddings 101 will help guide you.  Choosing to have an elegant, well-researched and authentic vintage wedding will set you and your special day apart from the masses of unremarkable weddings that all look alike, and the best part is it can be achieved on a budget!

Covering wedding trends and traditions from the 1910s through the 1950s, including historical context and background, you'll find the inspiration that will help you plan the wedding of your dreams, down to those beautiful little details that will be so meaningful to you and your guests. With suggestions for venues, decorations, and how to find documentation of real weddings from the past, you will be able to bring your vision into focus and stay on point through the planning process. In-depth advice is included about how to build relationships with your vendors, who can make or break your wedding day. Learn how to work with your photographer as a team to achieve the images of your dreams, along with useful tips for working with family and the wedding party on the big day. Some of the biggest misunderstandings brides have with vendors are with their photographers and Vintage Weddings 101 will help you avoid the problems and get straight to the gorgeous pictures.

Weddings are celebrations of the creation of a new family, and it is essential to keep this fact at the forefront of all planning lest it becomes a means of causing strain on existing, established families. Unfortunately, weddings can bring out the very worst in people and the unfortunate consequence is that it can often spill over into celebrations of a newlywed couple and cause undue stress. Vintage Weddings 101 is a refreshing reality check combined with old-fashioned advice and practical guidance for pulling off a major life event.

In a world where bridezillas are the norm, and bad behavior is just a part of a wedding, how inspirational would it be to plan an event that honors the past, includes elderly family members and friends, is elegant, and will be enjoyable for everyone who attends? So many weddings resemble a high school prom with the bride presiding as a very pampered homecoming queen. It’s time to bring civility back to our society, and weddings are a great place to start new traditions around this old-fashioned idea.

Vintage Weddings 101 will help you keep your event beautiful every step of the way with comprehensive advice for working with all the parties involved professionally and with grace.

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