How To Draw Animals For Beginners

Our lives are filled of motion. Filled with scenes that will never be forgotten. Filled with dance and colors. Filled with shared memories, filled with secret dreams. Each person sees something different. Each one remembers facts their own way. That’s because life is singular and each one of us has our own particularities. We think different, we talk different, and more than that, in all these differences, we like to share what we are with other people.

Drawing is more than merely the technique, it has to do with the way you look reality and how to convert what you see into paper. It’s about details, about abstraction, and about cognition. To draw well you need to have a good-trained mind that will allow you to convert reality into shapes; after this step is done you will have no problem drawing what you are picturing inside of you, because it was already ‘pictured’.

So, when you observe animals and see how beautiful and fascinating they are you are dialoguing with yourself. You create the desire to share this beauty, and now your desire is able to be fulfilled.

With everything that was said in here, observation and more observation is the vital point of drawing. Even when you don’t have any technique or methods, just follow the details, just look for differences, find the proportion, the balance, risk yourself.

In time, your hands will acquire certain precision and by researching you will find nice ways to perfect your draw, but much more than that always have in mind that drawing is much more about the eyes than the hands of the artist.

Don’t be afraid of trying, everybody starts from somewhere. Choose and animal of your choice and observe it. Which basic shapes can you see behind all those details? How would it be if this bird in your hand was an abstract form? Find the simple forms behind the complex one and this way go step-by-step.

Start by the basic, place the simples shapes in the paper reducing your animal to a circle or maybe a square; create a structure to guide your draw, called skeleton start giving details to your skeleton; and suddenly you’re done. You will see that even when it’s nearly done it still looks like a draw, so now it’s time to apply shadowing and volume to your art by using your pencil, or any other material, with colors or not, that you’d like to, in order to make it look more real.

For that, I’d like to welcome you to a whole new level of sharing and expressing yourself, welcome to the dreamers club, because more than drawing, the pencil reinvents reality according to each one’s own views and tries – sometimes it won’t, necessarily, but it’s not a problem – to explain what words can’t say.

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