How To Draw People

We’ve all seen drawings of people that just don’t look right. Sometimes the person that created the drawing will say “I can’t draw” and claim that they just do not have the special gene that gives people artistic ability. In reality, we are all capable of drawing people well. Two main things are the root […]

How To Draw Manga Volume 1

If you want to learn how to draw manga the right way, then check this out. Basically the word Manga means comics or comic books in Japanese, while anime means animation or cartoons. Japanese style comics or manga are quite popular nowadays and is known for its unique style in drawing characters. Here are some […]

How To Draw Dragons

If you want to know how to draw dragons the best and most simple way, then check this out. This book contains guidelines for drawing a dragon. You will learn how to draw eyes, faces, noses, mouths, and teeth. You will also learn to draw the torso part and the arms and legs. The claws […]

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