How To Draw Shojo Manga Volume 1

Do you want to learn how to draw shojo manga? If you are wondering what Shojo Manga is, it is a type of manga made for girls, particullarly girls from 7 to 18 years old. If you think you don’t belong in the bracket, think again! I believe Shojo Manga is the most commended and appreciated type of manga for many different kinds of readers. Whether you are younger, older, female, or male, Shojo Manga could be the manga you are looking forward to read.

Shojo Manga is known for its adorable, charming, cute, and naturally innocent manga characters, along with it is the fascinating fashion and romantic scenes that adds spice to its story. It is also famous with its light and relaxing plot of the story and the hilarious scripts since it is originally made for the youngsters.

Here are the most important tips in making Shojo Manga:
FIND YOUR DRAWING SPACE. This is most likely the easiest tip I could give. Just find a peaceful place where you can clear your thoughts from all the stress you have. It could be your room with your graphic table and your drawing materials. Or it could also be outdoors and your sketch pad lying on your legs while you’re drawing. Anywhere is possible, as long as you know you will be at ease in that place.

CLEAR YOUR MIND AND GET READY TO START. Before starting, make sure your mind is cleared. Imagine you are in a different dimension where your shojo manga characters exist, another dimension where you can make all things possible with the use of your pencils and drawing paper. When you feel like it is already there, then you are ready to start. Music helps as well.

KNOW THE UNIQUENESS OF DRAWING A SHOJO MANGA CHARACTER. There are steps in drawing any type of manga characters. And we follow the same steps for every character, but the difference is how they were drawn. The shojo manga characters have to look more colorful, enchanting, and livelier. There should be more highlights and sparkle on the characters to show the magic and the humour in the shojo manga story.

BE CREATIVE IN DRAWING THE DETAILS. Drawing details is very important in shojo manga. The hairstyle, the fashion, and accessories all play an important. Although most shojo manga settings are in the school, they also show different styles on the characters’ outside school activities where they effortlessly exhibit their good sense of fashion.

FEEL THE ROMANCE. We all know shojo manga focuses on romance. The best way to create a romantic scene is to feel the romance as if it is your own. Sketch a scene you would also love to experience. Add little exciting surprises like fireworks or transparent bubbles. Anything that would give a more effective romantic scene for the readers’ eyes is good in a romantic drawing.

FIND A GOOD BOOK. To learn more about the techniques and drawing principles, find a good book that will give you more knowledge and information in improving your skills in drawing shojo manga. Copying the drawings from drawing tutorials is a good way to start learning how to draw until the time that you can create your own. You can check on the internet where you can see incredible books worth paying for.

PRACTICE! Give time for drawing until you master it. Practice one topic at a time. Practice a lot!
There are many ways for you to improve your drawing skills, but you must also be aware that this skill could not be learned overnight. It is a process of passion for drawing and discipline in learning. Do not stop practicing until you get to know how it’s done.

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