How To Draw Shojo Manga Volume 2

Shojo is one of the most popular genres; “shoujo” literally means girl or young woman, so if one could say shoujo manga is girl manga. Shoujo does aim to entertain mostly girls using elements that attract only girls like cute stuff or hot guys which every girl could be in love with, these are specifically known as Bishounen characters or bishies. While we won’t be covering bishounen in this book (there are actually no guys at all in this edition but look for other guides coming soon!), in the book, you will learn to draw your own shoujo character.

We have always been inspired by shoujo mangas like Boys over Flowers, Fushigi Yuugi, Cardcaptor Sakura, Sailormoon, and other great shoujo mangas out there. We also always feel the pinch of staring a new manga; it’s always hard to make your own character, especially without making her look like another popular character. People quickly spot the similarities, though, and call you a rip off! You may feel like your person style is not good enough or your drawing is not worth selling, or you may feel like the character was so much better in your imagination. This book will offer you a lot of guidelines about how to create a manga character and what makes one character look different from another. It will also teach you unique guidelines to make your art much better and your characters more original. While all artists are constantly improving and none are perfect, this book will help you move much further in your art. You will learn better control and what you need to improve, and this book will offer you practical exercises to improve. Though this book only covers basics due to its size, we will show you basic body positions and important details about faces and style.

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