How To Draw Caricatures

Caricatures can be the best gifts you can give to your friends and families on any special occasion. It covers a wide range of categories from children to elders, pets, groups, weddings and even entertainment like superhero costumes on birthdays or a basketball for a basketball player, and so on.

It is cute and fun, but what makes it more special is the fact that once they have received your gift, they will feel the warmth of your thoughtfulness. And that they’d realize how much you truly know them and that you really made an effort in drawing them. It is original and personalized.

Yup, we understand. We already know how special you would make a person feel when you make someone a caricature, but HOW do you make a caricature? Here’s how:
• Find a Subject. First off, FIND A SUBJECT. Whether he is a live subject or a subject on a picture, you must find a subject. How would you create a caricature without having someone to copy in your drawing?
• Gather the Drawing Materials. Gather all the drawing materials. Look for a bright white drawing paper, a bond paper will do; a 2B pencil, a sign pen, some markers and colored pencils or crayons. Pencils for the sketching, sign pens and markers for the tracing of the lines, and coloring materials to color the caricature.
• Make a Pattern. If you are familiar with different caricatures shown on the internet or tabloids and newspapers, it looks pretty hard to create a caricature. The first question you’ll have in mind in making it is “where to begin?” Do not get stuck in asking this when you already have all the material with you. So the next thing that you’ll have to do is to create a pattern. This pattern would help: eyes, eye brows, nose, mouth, jaw line and chin, ears, head, neck and the neckline.
• Anticipate the Features of the Face and Start Drawing. Anticipate the correct shapes to use in drawing the eyes and the eye brows. The eyelashes make the drawing look more feminine so make use of it, especially, when the subject is female. Look how big, small, long, or short the nose is, and then start drawing. The same goes with the mouth. Check how wide or tiny the mouth is before you start drawing its outline.
• Shape of the Head, Neck and the Neckline. Draw the shape of the head and the neck, and complete the outlines by drawing the neckline or collar.
• Trace the Pencil Outlines With the Pen and Markers. Trace the thin lines with sign pens and thick lines with markers.
• Erase the Pencil Sketches and Start Coloring. Clean the caricature by erasing all the unnecessary lines and start coloring the caricature. Darker colors on the shadows and shadings. Lighter colors for the highlights.
• Put the Date and Your Signature. The best part in drawing a caricature is when you put the date and the signature. That indicates that you have finished making the caricature. Congratulations!
• Practice! Create as much caricature as you can. Of course, it might not look good as you progress, but continue practicing and you will see how much you’ve improved your newfound skill in due time. Enjoy learning!

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