How To Draw Cartoons

Cartooning is a form of art and it began centuries ago. Early cavemen used animated characters to tell stories and centuries later cartoons have become an icon of modern humor and pleasure. Kids and adults alike love cartoons.

If you’ve ever been a child, then you’ve undoubtedly been inspired and entertained by at least one animated character. From Mickey Mouse to the Family Guy, cartoons capture the attention of people young and old. Now it’s your turn. Author and Illustrator Kim Cruea offers a simple step-by-step journey to becoming a cartoonist. How to Draw Cartoon Characters covers simple principles, Kim called the ABC’s of cartooning, which shows you how to take a skill you already know and then turn it in to a delightful cartoon character.
It is this author’s belief that if you can draw a circle or the letter A, then you are already on the way to creating your first character. Kim Cruea has created numerous characters through her juvenile and professional life and while she admits that drawing lifelike characters is still a challenge, she recognizes that cartooning is in itself and defined art form.

Having created images for her own story books, Kim can show you how to take an idea and turn it into a loveable cartoon character.

This book begins by taking you through the beginning ABC’s journey. Kim will show you how an everyday alphabetic letter can become a cartoon character. You will also learn how to work through your errors and use them to work for you and not against you.

Then the book will show you how to create solid objects, like circles, squares, and triangles, and turn them into the structure of your cartoon character.

In lesson three the author shows you how to find inspiration in the simple objects you see every day. Finding the art where you are is a great way to find inspiration when creating your cartoon character.
In the following lessons you will learn to create various parts of the character, before assembling him or her. You will learn to create eyes, noses, ears, paws, and hands by using the first three lessons to your advantage. While there are many types of noses and ears, the first three lessons will aid you in the development of these parts.

Once you’ve learned the creation of ‘parts’, you will learn the art of putting it all together. The lessons following will teach you to draw a cat, mouse, a man, and in the end an entire animated cartoon scene.
Whether you decide to draw cartoons for fun or you have ambitions of becoming the next Dr. Sues, learning the art of cartooning will promote inspiration and enhance creative ability. Don’t let the fear of trying something new deter you, this step by step book is here to inspire and guide you through the journey of cartooning your cartoon characters.

With the aid of Kim Cruea, you will be able to find the simplicity in creating your special character and find inspiration to create more. Get creative and have fun!

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